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Spending your holiday in one of our over 4,000 holiday lettings in Italy is a great way to enjoy all the culture, history and art. Many people think of cities like Rome, Tuscany or Capri when they think of Italy, but there are so many other places and cities to explore and discover while self-catering Italy. Whether you want to spend your holiday with your family or friends, a trip to Italy is always worth the journey and often includes enjoying a coffee in Italy’s renowned street cafes and long walks through Italy’s cultural centres and yacht marinas.

Holiday homes in Tuscany

Climate - self-catering villas in Italy

At the Italian coasts, you usually find a Mediterranean climate with warm, sunny summers and mild winters. The weather might be a bit hotter in the countryside, where there is little wind and lots of sunshine, especially around noon. NOVASOL has a large portfolio of self-catering properties including holiday lettings in Tuscany, villas in Sicily and villas in Sardinia. We do have holiday homes for everyone, including affordable apartments from £5 per person per night as well as extravagant luxury villas with private pools, where you can spend unforgettable holidays at whichever time of the year you prefer. All of our villas in Italy are fully furnished, so just relax, revive and enjoy your holiday in Italy!

Villas in Sardinia - holiday lettings Italy

Discover the wonderful vineyards and olive groves in Tuscany, enjoy the charm of our holiday lettings and watch the unique sunrises and sunsets from the terrace of your holiday lettings in Italy. Why not visit Sardinia and simply spend your holiday on the second biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea? Be mesmerized by the emerald green sea, unforgettable bays and fantastic beaches. Many people believe that the views on the island of Sardinia are some of the most stunning in the world. The north west of the island with its varied landscape is especially popular among active holidaymakers

Villas close to Lake Como and Lake Garda

Why not stay in our Italian villas close to the Northern Lakes? The glacial lakes Como and Garda are very popular among our holiday makers and are surrounded by beautiful lemon trees, magnificent olive groves and lovely mountain sceneries. Whether you want to organise some hikes in the north of Italy, enjoy some golfing, diving or simply want to relax on the terrace of your Italian holiday home or on one of Italy’s great beaches, our holiday lettings Italy include the right properties for everyone and are close to a varied and diverse range of sights and activities, so why not book your self-catering holidays with NOVASOL today?

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Spend your family holidays in Italy

When it comes to thinking about a perfect holiday, Italy often seems to be the best choice as it has a lot to offer. It has steep mountains in the Aosta Valley, in Piedmond and South Tyrol, peaceful nature close to our villas in Tuscany, sunny beaches, a crystal clear blue sea, and different types of art. Discover a country full of history, culture, amazing Italian cuisine, charming festivals and of course the most aromatic wines. NOVASOL self-catering holidays in Italy are designed keeping in mind an Italian taste, so while you stay with us, you might get the feel of being Italian yourself. The Italian countryside is indeed remarkable. You might be familiar with postcard images of the Tuscany landscapes, palm trees, lemon trees, olive trees and cypresses. The exotic trees in this region make the climate cool and pleasant for walks with our villas in Tuscany as an ideal starting points. This area is also good for cycling. Many regions in Italy have pedestrian only zones, which makes walking more comfortable. You can also sit for hours on a bench and watch people passing by, busy in their own world. It is a perfect holiday destination for those who want to relax in any of our holiday rentals Italy.

Open and spacious Italian self-catering villas

All our self-catering Italy villas are spacious and located in open air. So whether you prefer a villa with a huge balcony or a swimming pool, you are sure to relax in our properties. You can find our Italian NOVASOL Italy villas close to the coast, on islands like our villas in Sicily or further in the land. All our houses offer exclusive comfort. They are located in well-kept surroundings and have large gardens with special garden furniture, where you can relax all day long. At NOVASOL, wish you a peaceful and a fine Mediterranean holiday. You are sure to take back a lifetime of memories and would want to come back year after year.

Italian Cuisine

If you are a fan of tasteful wines and traditional Italian specialties, like pizza or pasta with fresh tomato sauce, prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella, Italy might be the right place for your next holiday! Italians are famous for their hospitality and enthusiasm that they show while cooking for each other, which is part of their Italian culture. Pizza and Pasta are just two of the most popular Italian dishes, but they have lot more to offer. Each and every region in Italy makes their own local products that are used to cook local dishes. Each region also has different kinds of wine that are produced only here. The term barolo comes from the vineyards in the North of Italy, whereas Vernaccia is from San Gimignano in Tuscany. It is one of the best examples of harmony between mankind and the sea.

Holiday homes in Italy

Enjoy a NOVASOL holiday

Our NOVASOL holiday lettings in Italy are designed in a Mediterranean style, keeping in mind the Mediterranean atmosphere. Here, life seems to go very slow. We promise that your whole family will enjoy the tasteful dishes, which are often served until late at night. Don't be surprised if it's hard to order food during lunchtime as that's when the traditional so-called siesta takes place, where many restaurants and bars close down their business for a couple of hours, especially around our villas in Sardinia. Many of our holiday makers decide to have a light, cold lunch consisting of antipasti and white bread and enjoy a warm, bigger dinner later in the evening.

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The holiday home was exceptionally clean (ID: ITT191) and the owners were very easy to deal with.

Jamie from Aberdeen, September 2015

The holiday villa was lovely (ID: IRU114), particularly its location and stunning views, and it was clean and comfortable. The owner - when we found him - was also extremely friendly and helpful.

Jo from Newcastle, May 2015

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