Holiday cottages in Hornbaek, North Zealand

Hornbaek the pearl of holiday towns in North Zealand. The best bathing beaches in Denmark are here, including the most beautiful holiday cottages. Rent cheap and good holiday homes from Novasol.

Poets, painters and affluent Copenhageners have considered Hornbaek as their second home since the middle of the 1800’s. The beautiful view of the Kattegat and Kullen in Sweden has provided the setting for poetry writing, painting and relaxation.

Hornbaek is a holiday town with traditions. A fashionable holiday paradise where you can easily find yourself in the ice cream queue with people you might recognise from weekly magazines. It is therefore not without reason that the town provides acreage to some of the most expensive holiday villas in Denmark. The town offers holiday cottages in all price classes and you can rent all types of holiday homes - also literally at the water's edge - at a reasonable price from Novasol.

Hornbæk has one of the best bathing beaches on the island of Zealand and the Blue Flag guarantees optimal bathing conditions. Outside the town there is a beautiful plantation, a dense natural forest rich in animal and plant life, including many mapped out walking and cycling routes.

The paths are connected to the north coastal path, so you can cycle or trek all the way from Helsingor in the east to Hundested in the west. Or you can choose to let walking trips walk the walk and enjoy the very best bathing beaches you can think of.