Villa Holidays in Italy by the Beach

Italians have been holidaying by the beach since Roman times, and it’s no surprise when you consider the long and beautiful coastline of Italy. Villas up and down the country are booked-up every summer as people flock to the coasts in search of the fresh Mediterranean air, wonderful seafood and fun beachside activities. Rent an Italian villa with NOVASOL and experience this Italian tradition, and while you are there visit the historical and cultural sites, the charming cities and fishing towns, and, of course, the brilliant beaches.

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Beaches to visit on Italian villa holidays

Italy has a large variety of beaches along its coast from wide sandy seafronts in northern tourist destinations, to quieter coves and pebble beaches in Sardinia and Puglia. One of the busiest beach destinations, packed with Italians every year, is the island of Elba off the coast of Tuscany. Go self-catered with an Italian villa on the mainland and get a boat to this wonderful island to enjoy one of its 5 main beaches. These are some of the sandiest and most popular beaches in Italy, and are worth the trip for holidaymakers renting villas in Tuscany.

Tuscany villas on the coast

Villa holidays by the beach in Tuscany can be easily adapted to suit the interests of your family. Whether you enjoy a beach-everyday kind of holiday, a history packed trip, or a mix of both, there is something for every family on the coast of Tuscany. Villas in the north of Tuscany, near the city of Livorno, have good access to Castiglioncello Beach, as well as the cultural attractions of next door Pisa. On the southern coast of Tuscany, villas near the city of Grosseto are perfect for families that want to explore this charming city, famous for its sun-dried tomatoes and cobbled-street cafés.

Visit the beach from Rome apartments

NOVASOL has excellent holiday accommodation in Rome, perfect for exploring the Eternal City, and within a short drive of the seaside. Why not have a day off from the busy streets and cafés of Rome and head down to the coast for a day on the beach? Only 40km from Rome is the city of Anzio, famous for its luxurious sandy beach and its history – it was and Allied landing area during WW2. If you would prefer to rent and Italian villa on the coast, there are plenty of beach resorts in Lazio within a short drive of NOVASOL villas

Villas in Sardinia

Sardinia tends to be more luxurious and exclusive than the rest of Italy. Villas here are ideal for families and couples looking to enjoy high-class resorts such as those on the Costa Smeralda in the north-east of the island. Beach days in Sardinia are quieter and more relaxed than on mainland Italy with visitors choosing to enjoy the many small coves and hidden inlets that can often only be discovered after a bit of exploration.

Beach days from Venice apartments

The romance and unique beauty of Venice is a joy to behold for any traveller. Sometimes however, in the heat of summer, you might want to have a day away from the stuffiness of the city and hit the beach. Renting accommodation in Venice with NOVASOL gives holidaymakers the flexibility to adjust their holiday to easily accommodate a sudden change of plan. Luckily, the north-eastern Italian region of Veneto has some of Italy’s best beaches and is renowned for being family-friendly. Just down the road from Venice, or a short journey by boat, the town of Caorle has a sandy beach that is 300m wide in places, ideal for sandcastle building.

Italian villas in Sicily for beachside holidays

With its volcano, beaches, mountains, and fishing villages, it’s fair to say that Sicily has it all. This large island (the largest in the Mediterranean in fact) is home to some of Italy’s most stunning stretches of coastline, and it’s for that reason that villas in Sicily are some of the most sort-after in the country. Like much of Italy, Sicily is rich with history, particularly in its major cities Palermo and Syracuse. For beachgoers, Mazarró Beach near the town of Taormina has plenty of delicious seaside restaurants and should be a key destination on Italian villa holidays.

Food from the Italian Sea

The wonderful cuisine is always on of the major attractions for villa holidays in Italy. All over the coast of Italy you will find different seafood specialities, cooked in alternative ways with local ingredients. That’s the beauty of Italian cuisine – it’s so adaptable. NOVASOL villas in Italy give families the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful food, whether it be lobster in Sardinia or squid in Marche.

Weather on Italian villa holidays

Italian villas on the coast experience lovely weather for most of the year. During the winter, the coastal areas are somewhat warmer than the elevated inland areas of Italy which often experience some snowfall and can get quite cold at night. One reason for renting a villa in Italy on the coast during the summer months is the welcoming Mediterranean breeze. This is particularly true in the south of the country where the African climate creeps northward, baking residents and tourists alike.

Why pick NOVASOL for holiday homes in Italy?

NOVASOL holiday lettings in Italy enable families to get right into the action. With a well-positioned Italian villa, the history, food and beaches of this wonderful country are all easily enjoyed. Go self-catered, as many Italians do, and enjoy a more atmospheric holiday filled with the privacy and flexibility that a NOVASOL villa or apartment provides.