Holiday Homes by the Beach in Germany

German holiday homes at the seaside

Germany’s large northern coastline runs for over 350 kilometres along the Baltic and North Seas. The majority of this coastline is located in the federal regions of Schleswig-Holstein in the west and Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania in the east. While self-catering on the coast, tourists enjoy the beaches and activities around the many islands and inlets which line this region of Germany. Holiday homes here are perfect for families who are looking for a diverse getaway with plenty of opportunities for relaxation and exploration.

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Explore nature with seaside holiday rentals in Germany

The coast of Germany has loads to offer nature-loving families. The Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park, located in the Western-Pomeranian Lagoon Area, is one of the largest parks in central Europe, covering an area of 200,000 acres. The park is full of flora and fauna for visitors to see including a large population of cranes and indigenous sea grasses. The lagoons of the German coast, called ‘bodden’, have a unique geological character with fresh water from the mainland mixing with seawater to create briny natural paradises. Rent accommodation in Germany near the sea and enjoy these wonders with the flexibility self-catering provides.

The Chalk Coast of Rügen

Holidaymakers flock to the island of Rügen for its fabulous natural landscape. The coast here is dominated by towering chalk cliffs, so dramatic and beautiful that they have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These cliffs, topped with green beech forests that turn yellow and brown in the autumn, are a fun place to visit while self-catering in Germany. If the family is impressed by the chalk cliffs, why not take them to the nearby Chalk Museum? This fun museum tells the story of chalk on the island and its industrial uses over the centuries. Who said holiday rentals in Germany were just about beaches and swimming pools?

Sylt beaches to visit on a German rental holiday

Germany has some of the best beaches in northern Europe, perfect for self-catering holidaymakers. The island of Sylt, Germany’s northernmost island, located off the coast of Denmark, has a number of fantastic beaches to enjoy. Known as the ‘Queen of the North’ the island hosts the family-friendly Wide Wenningstedt beach which has shallow waters and fine sand for sandcastle building. While on the island, it’s also worth visiting the Rotes Kliff (Red Cliff) and the charming nearby village of Kampen. This village, known for its famous ‘whisky mile’, is a fun destination for renting accommodation in Germany, especially for those looking for entertaining nearby bars and restaurants when choosing their German holiday home.

Other fabulous German beaches

Germany has various gorgeous beaches within easy access of German holiday homes. A few of these beaches can be found on the Pomeranian island of Usedom which is shared by a German side in the west and a Polish side in the east. Usedom is known as the ‘Island of the Signing Sands’ for the strange noise the beaches seem to make as the sand particles rub together in the wind. The main German holiday resorts on Usedom are Bernsteinbäder, Drei Kaiserbäder and Ostseebäder, all of which have beautiful beaches with great seaside activities. The island is famous for its cycle paths which run along the sea, over dunes and across beaches, as well as the abundance of strandkorb (German beach chairs) that can be seen everywhere.

Water sports and activities to try while self-catering in Germany

The German seaside is a wonderful place to try all sorts of water sports while self-catering. The bodden (briny Baltic lagoons) form the perfect natural environments for wind and kite surfing as they whip up the onshore and offshore winds. Many surf schools exist along the coast, especially in the Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania region where most of these bodden exist. Holidaymakers also enjoy wreck diving on German villa holidays. Off the coast of Rügen, divers explore the wrecks of freight ships and ferries, whereas off the coast of Usedom there is the historical wreck of a M1 minesweeper, sunk in 1945.

Visit Lübeck on your German seaside holiday

Located in the Schleswig-Holstein region, the city of Lübeck is very close to the sea and a great place to visit for the day while self-catering in Germany. Only 70km from Hamburg, the historic city was the most important in the Hanseatic League, guiding the market towns and guilds of the region to riches and prominence during the late Middle Ages. The city itself is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its amazing architecture and historic setting. Much of the brick gothic architecture, such as St Catherine’s Church, can be found in the Altstadt (old city) which is extremely picturesque due to its position on an island in the middle of the Trave river.

What about Stralsund – Lübeck’s smaller sister?

The second city of the Hanseatic League, Stralsund is another wonderful place to visit on the coast of Germany. Holiday homes near Stralsund give tourists easy access to the beauty of nearby Rügen as well as the activities along the coast of Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania. The city is dissected by quaint cobbled streets lined by incredible gothic brick structures such as the Nikolaikirche which dates back to 1270. Stralsund also has plenty to offer in terms of family fun while self-catering in Germany. The OZEANEUM Aquatic Museum in Stralsund won European Museum of the Year award in 2010 and is a welcoming and exciting place for children and adults who are interested in marine life.

Why choose NOVASOL for German holiday homes?

NOVASOL has a wide range of holiday homes by the beach in Germany. For families looking for a varied holiday, full of fun beach days and interesting historical attractions, the German coast is an affordable and attractive option. The natural splendour of Germany’s the Baltic and North Sea regions is best enjoyed with the ease and flexibility that a NOVASOL German holiday home provides.