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Here in the geographical center of Germany, history pulsates all around it. Many are familiar with the charm of Goethe, Schiller, Bach and Luther, but there is much more to know about the region. Rent holiday home in Thuringia and get to know the wonders of this region a bit better. It’s known as the 'green heart of Germany' for it’s gorgeous landscapes and pastures. Recreation seekers can enjoy ideal conditions for a villa holiday in Thuringia for self-catering Germany.

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The historic hiking trail Rennsteig goes through the infamous Thuringian Forest. Many castles and churches bear witness to the turbulent past of this country. In addition, this region is known for its delicious and well-known Thuringian sausages. Try some of the most adrenaline pumping things to do in Germany as rivers and reservoirs invite you to go rowing, canoeing, sailing, surfing and waterboarding.

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The holiday cottages in Thuringia are usually not far from the centre and located in a charming setting so that boredom does not stand a chance. Whether you’re looking for a romantic holiday for two, or an action-packed adventure with family or with friends, you will find what you are looking for – we offer the ideal starting point for your holiday homes in Germany.

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In the footsteps of poets and thinkers

Where unlimited nature and German culture are the most precious treasures of this region, and the memory of Luther, Bach, Schiller and Goethe attracts many tourists to their hometown. After soaking up all the art and culture, you can bask in nature, travel to historic castles, and relax in a peaceful environment in your holiday home. Your expectations will be exceeded with the beauty of Thuringia, thanks to its beautiful forests and spa resorts in the countryside.

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Thuringia offers a host of national parks and biosphere reserves ideal for exploring.  Explore other authentic Thuringian countrysides from Rothesütte in the north to Bad Colberg in the south. Thuringia is also conveniently located in the middle of Germany and can be reached easily from any point in the country. You can even reach it quickly from outside of Germany whilst on holiday in Prague apartments across the border in the Czech Republic!

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Why is a holiday self-catering Germany in Thuringia so special? We let our employees put it into words…

"Where do you start? Thuringia is a relatively undiscovered gem in Germany with many treasures. Located in the heart of Germany, it is very accessible from all directions. Thuringia offers something for everyone, but the cultural richness is unbeatable. Historic poets such as Martin Luther, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller were inspired by their home and even created some of their greatest works in Thuringia. The historic cities of Weimar, Gotha, Eisenach, and the impressive landscape of the Thuringian Forest are simply charming. The nature is stunning.”

What is unmissable in Thuringia?

That's not so easy to answer. To fully experience Thuringia, one would have to visit it once, but many times. In winter, the Thuringian Forest offers winter sports and is worth a visit. In summer, all sports enthusiasts get their money’s worth by either walking or cycling. This is truly a region that offers anything and everything, so rent your villas in Germany today.

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