Teutoburg Forest

The Teutoburg Forest is a gentle and green low mountain landscape on the border of Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. The mountains offer wonderful panoramic views over the park landscape of the Münsterland and the Westphalian Bay. That's why the Tecklenburger Land near Osnabrück is also called the "Balcony of the Münsterland". During your stay in one of our range of Germany holiday homes in the Teutoburger Forest, you can walk the entire region from Hörstel over the Hermannsweg following the course of the Teutoburg Forest to the east. How to get via Bielefeld in the Lipper country to Detmold and Horn-Bad Meinberg. The Teutoburg Forest is a natural landscape in the Weserbergland and the Sauerland.

Excursion ideas from your holiday homes in the Teutoburg Forest

Holidays in the Teutoburg Forest means, above all, to travel in the footsteps of the Romans and the great Cheruscian Prince Arminius. As a victorious general in the Battle of Varus he is dedicated to the Hermannsdenkmal that rises high above the Detmold forests. An absolute must with every holiday in the Teutoburg Forest is a visit to the Externsteine. From the nearby Nieheim and the house located there Teutoburg Forest is fast in Horn-Bad Meinberg, on the outskirts of the famous sandstone formation. The region is characterised by the beautiful villages filled with half-timbered buildings. No less than 30 castles and UNESCO World Heritage Monastery Corvey can be visited from your Germany holiday accommodation in the Teutoburg Forest. The LWL Museum Detmold stands out among the thematically diverse museums. With 120 historic buildings, it is the largest open-air museum in Germany. Young and old children are drawn to the Adlerwarte Berleburg and the Stukenbrock Safari Park. The nature of the green region can also be experienced in the five Landesgartenschau parks in the region.

Cultural events, folk festivals and great sports

The Teutoburg Forest is known for its many national events. A great cultural scene can be found in the "pudding city" of Bielefeld. On the theater stage and in the large event halls such as the Seidenstickerhalle, top international artists are taking the lead in their hands. For families, we would suggest a visit to the Sparrenburgfest in Bielefeld. Funfair atmosphere also prevails over nine days at the annual Paderborn Liborifest, which is considered one of the largest festivals in Germany and a great way to experience the German culture. Great sport offers the ATP tennis tournament Gerry Weber Open in Halle. Every year thousands of people come to this event. Bielefeld, Paderborn and also the tennis hall can be reached quickly from any of our holiday homes in the Teutoburg Forest. The German Cheese Market in Nieheim and the Annentag in Brakel, which annually attracts around 400,000 guests, are only a short walk away from the Nieheimer or the Brakeler Ferienwohnung in the Teutoburg Forest. The large cultural program is rounded off by the many traditional festivals in the region.

Active holidays in the Teutoburg Forest

Gentle ridges and dense forests make the region a particularly popular destination for hikers and nature observers, who can look forward to five top quality hiking trails and the Hermannsweg even a top trail during their stay in one of our self-catering holidays homes. A network of popular cycle paths permeates the region and invites to sporty and also to leisurely cycling. A special summer experience is the visit to the water ski and wakeboarding facilities at the Lippeseen in Paderborn. In winter, the skiing and tobogganing areas of the nearby Sauerland region, which is not far from the Lichtenauer Ferienhaus in the Teutoburg Forest, beckon.

Teutoburg Forest - the "healing garden of Germany"

Due to the healthy air and the mild climate, health travelers have been looking for accommodation in the Teutoburg Forest for centuries and spend their holidays here. Seven spas offer a wide range of spa facilities and treatments that can also be used by guests of a holiday apartment in the Teutoburg Forest. This is how the region is called the "Heilgarten of Germany". Of course, well-being includes all the best that keeps body and soul together. Sample some nourishing German cuisine, including such Westphalian specialties as pumpernickel and ham, locally brewed beer and East Westphalian high-proofing enrich every menu of the good restaurants that are located near every accommodation in the Teutoburg Forest.

Family friendly holiday in the Teutoburg Forest

If you want to spend your holiday in our self-catering Germany accommodation, then you are in good hands in the Tecklenburger Wald region. Our private accommodation is affordable and many even welcome dogs!  Because of the many leisure activities for adults and children there is no boredom for families. And if you are looking for peace, you will find ample opportunities for relaxation in the beautiful nature and tranquil villages.

How to reach your holiday home in the Teutoburg Forest

Coming from the A1 motorway, take the A30 from the Lotte / Osnabrück interchange, which follows the northern course of the Teutoburg Forest almost parallel from the Lotte motorway junction. The region can also be reached via the A2 leading from east to west. From Bielefeld, the A33 to the A44 opens up the southeastern part of the Teutoburg Forest. If you are traveling from the south, take the A7 and from Kassel take the A44 to the A33.

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