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The German state of Lower Saxony and its capital Hannover cover the attractive region between the Ems and Elbe rivers in the west of Germany right to the east and between the North Sea ocean climate in the north and hills Harz in the south. The region is wonderfully diverse and perfect for days spent exploring whilst self-catering Germany in our Germany holiday lettings.  The seven East Frisian islands all line up in a row on the Lower Saxony North Sea Coast; each of the islands have their own unique characteristics and can be reached by boat or train.

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Discover the great natural beauty of Lower Saxony

The regions of Lower Saxony accommodate a diversity of landscapes and environments; from the North Sea islands via the Lüneburg Heath moors to the hilly regions of Harz, there’s a great variety of terrain close by to each other. The North Sea offers endless unique holiday experiences on the coastline from the town of Cuxhaven in the east and to the west in Emden.  Why not rent out one of our self-catering Germany holiday homes in Lower Saxony, where you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the North Sea to cool off in summer months. This unique landscape is almost entirely under conservation protection.

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Explore Emsland whilst self-catering Germany

The charming Emsland area is characterized by vast natural areas, picturesque old fashioned towns and impressive historical artifacts from a several thousand-year-old cultural history. The best way to explore the forest, river, marsh and heath landscapes is by bicycle with its flat lands and signposted cycle paths – perfect if you are hoping to do a bit of cycling during your self-catering Germany holiday.  Emsland is a true paradise for nature lovers, active-holidaymakers and fans of bird watching as the area is home to some very rare birds.

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Romantic riversides

The romantic hills of Weserbergland with its many undulating hills of green are named after the river Weser. Between the towns Hann, Münden and Hameln lie wonderful, historic half-timbered towns lined up along the Weser’s bank. The area is popular with both hikers and so is ideal for those who are hoping to be a little more active during their stay in our holiday cottages in Germany of Germany holiday apartments.  Most of the trails are also clearly sign-posted so it's easy to explore and wander without getting lost off the trail. The town of Hameln is world-renowned for being the setting for the Pied Piper fairy tale.

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Something for everyone

The wide variation in the state's cities becomes apparent in the comparison between romantic harbour towns such as Greetsiel, traditional university cities like Göttingen, the international trade city of Hannover and the forward-looking automobile city of Wolfsburg. No matter where in Lower Saxony you go whilst self-catering Germany, there is always plenty of opportunity to learn more about the traditional German culture, as well as the culture of the modern day. If you so choose to relax in the untouched nature or if you’re seeking active adventures at sea or in town, whether you want to head to Emsland Ostfriesland or Niedersachsen, Lower Saxony is a perfect German holiday for those who want something a little different.

Secret islands on the Lower Saxony coast

The surroundings of Lower Saxony offer a gorgeous variety of landscapes and habitats. With the North Sea islands, along the Lüneburg heath to the foothills of the Harz you’ll see the North West of Germany in its many forms. The North Sea offers endless holiday fun during your self-catering Germany holidays. Also on the seven East Frisian islands of Borkum to Wangerooge or to the coast of the North Sea Cuxhaven to Emden is ideal for a wonderful holiday. It’s possible to visit multiple islands on the same day due to their close proximity. The Lüneburg heath, with an area of 230km², the largest continuous heathland in Western Europe. It is under conservation because of the different types of landscape and vegetation of the moors.

Discover Lower Saxony's lovely cycle paths

The beautiful holiday area Emsland characterized by its vast nature, idyllic villages and impressive remains which tell the tale of Germany's history. The forest, rivers, marshes and moorland are best be explored by bike, so pick up a rental bike nearby and take it all in from two wheels during your holiday in our self-catering Germany cottages. As varied as the landscape is, so are the cities of Lower Saxony, whether you desire the romantic harbour town of Greetsiel, a traditional university city of Göttingen or the international surroundings of Hannover.

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Whether you are seeking relaxation in nature, or have fun at the seaside or in the city, Emsland or in Ost Friesland; spend your holiday in Lower Saxony and you’ll find varied holiday hotspots all in the close bubble of Lower Saxony. Imagine your vacation with a beach holiday, mountains and cities all within an hour’s commute? From unique Germany holiday cottages and luxury accommodation to houseboats, treat yourself to the accommodation that you desire – there’s certainly appropriate accommodation between so that your holidays in Lower Saxony will definitely be an unforgettable experience.