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Schleswig Holstein is so large and diverse that it is not very easy to put together a selection of local attractions. To start, of course, you have the beautiful cities. But nature is so attractive and varied in this region that it can’t go without mention, too. In Germany's northernmost state, a number of leisure and theme parks, museums and events are available for your enjoyment near our wide range of villas in Germany. Also recommended are trips to the fashionable seaside resort of Travemünde, the Lauenburg Lakes and a trip to Holstein Switzerland. You will soon discover what Schleswig Holstein has to offer.

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Cities of Kiel and Lübeck

The City of Kiel provides maritime atmospheres and shopping in the downtown – wander along the marinas, hike on extensive beaches or watch the ocean liners in the Kiel Canal. The Kieler Woche takes place here and it’s not only the biggest sailing event in the world, but also the largest summer festival in Northern Europe. In Lübeck, you can feel its great past as a Free and Hanseatic City of Empire whilst self-catering Germany. The proud town houses and brick churches of Lübeck include the UNESCO. Lübeck is the capital of man, marzipan and St. Mary's Church St. Mary's Church is the third largest church in Germany. The marzipan is a hallmark of the city and is considered to be the best in the world. The Buddenbrookhaus offers an exhibition on the life and works of Heinrich and Thomas Mann, who are among the most important writers of the 20th century. Discover German culture and tradition from your holiday homes in Schleswig-Holstein.

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Flensburg is located in northern Germany on the border with Denmark. Flensburg is a serene, hilly town, which offers a new and surprising look at sailboats from every street. Flensburg offers not only beautiful views and a historic old town, but also a lot of culture and great shopping. Beautifully located on a hill above the Municipal Theatre, there are also two museum buildings which provide a comprehensive insight into the art and cultural history in the Schleswig region from the 13th to 20th century. Be sure to pay a visit from your apartments or villas in Germany.

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Pirates and Vikings

Who hasn’t dreamed of experiencing a real pirate adventure? In Büsum these dreams can come true. While sun worshipers can make themselves comfortable on Takka Tukka beach, adventure seekers can use the huge Long John Silver vanquish waterslide or plunge into the generated Nordseebrandung in saline Störte pool. This is, of course, ideal for family holidays in Germany. The Haithabu Viking Museum is located in the immediate vicinity of the most significant for the Viking Age settlement sites in northern Europe. The permanent collection includes the royal longship from the port of Haithabu, which is sure to spark the imaginations of both young and old. Rent your accommodation in Germany through Novasol and find your ideal adventure.

National Park Schleswig Holstein Wadden Sea

The Schleswig Holstein Wadden Sea National Park is the largest national park in Central Europe. Here you will experience a sea landscape with dunes, beaches and salt marshes. From an experienced tour guide you can ask to see the spectacle of the tide when the sea returns after six hours. Whether you like beach walks, baths in the sea, mudflats, boat trips or bird watching in the salt marshes, a holiday in the National Park Schleswig Holstein Wadden Sea ensures a high level of relaxation for the body and soul. Discover there are plenty of things to do in Germany right here in Schleswig-Holstein.

Schleswig-Holstein Festivals

The Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival is wonderful because of its connection between nature, music and a relaxed country atmosphere. Rent your holiday lettings in Germany and you can enjoy not only classical music but also known music from far beyond the country's borders. Each summer, more than 200,000 visitors also flock to the Karl May Festival in Bad Segeberg Freilichttheater. Since 1952, the Karl May Games has been one of the most important events in German family entertainment. Kiel Week also combines the biggest sailing event in the world with the largest summer festival in Northern Europe. It is a meeting place of the best sailors from every continent and offers cultural highlights and cheerful open-air celebrations in the city, always in mid-June.

Christmas markets

Every year Lübeck invites you to experience Christmas in its historic centre. The festive flair and Christmas markets inspire romance at the foot of the St. Mary's Church. Experience the unique World Ice Sculpture Festival, which has been on display for several years in a row in the Hanseatic city. Enjoy the big Christmas tree lit by glowing lights, lined by market stalls filled with delicious winter food and hot mulled wine. You can also meet Santa Claus as he visit every Sunday. From Lübeck, Hamburg is also just an hour away, so you could see both cities with a German holiday home in Hamburg or Lübeck.

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With so much to see and do in the German region of Schleswig Holstein, you can rent a German holiday home here and experience the best of everything the area has to offer. From seaside cottages in quaint towns, to well-equipped holiday complexes in various different locations, your self-catering holiday in Germany is safe in our hands. With thousands of holiday homes across the country and experience since 1968, Novasol will find the exact thing you are looking for. If Schleswig-Holstein is not for you, perhaps investigate our Berlin or Bavaria apartments for your next holiday.