Holiday Lettings in Cambrils | Enjoy Spain's Mediterranean Coast

Our holiday lettings in Cambrils will give you and your family or partner the perfect Spanish holiday. This coastal town in the province of Tarragona, Catalonia is close to the tourist town Salou. It is easily accessible by air from Reus Airport. It is located on Spain’s famous Gold Coast. Cambrils is also a quick drive or train ride to Barcelona, the region’s most famous city.

Catalonia, where our holiday lettings in Cambrils are located

Holiday lettings in Cambrils: Enjoy a Holiday on Spain’s Mediterranean Coastline

Our holiday lettings in Cambrils offer access to the Tarragona region’s beaches, restaurants, and historical attractions. The town of Cambrils was originally a small fishing town. You can find traces of the town’s Ancient Roman history by walking through the Old Town. In Cambrils’ Old Town, you can look at well-preserved historical landmarks. You can find the 14th century Torre I Ermita de la Mare de Deu del Cami. You can also visit the Eglesia de Santa Maria. It is a small church in the town’s centre boasting Neo-Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectural styling. Additionally in the city centre you can explore the vast ruins of a 1st century Roman villa, the Villa Romana de la Llosa. The villa features residences, barns, and an ancient gravesite. Make sure to get there on the weekends!


Located a short ride from our holiday lettings in Cambrils, the town’s beaches are perhaps the most famous attractions for tourist goers. Cambrils has 9 sandy beaches. The beach closest to the Puerto Cambrils is the most popular and easiest to reach from the town’s downtown area. There are many nice options for families. The beaches have a beautiful promenade along the area, as well as a bike lane along the coast. Many of the beaches have the coveted Blue Flag, a marker used by the EU for high quality beaches. Along with the beaches, our holiday lettings in Cambrils are also close to the Cambrils Marina. There you can enjoy amazing views, go biking, and get some gelato in the plaza.


Cambrils offers a plethora of entertainment, with both recreational and sporting activities. The beach of El Regueral and the yacht club next to it offers access to water sports, with jet skiing, parasailing, fishing and sailing. In the evenings, make sure to watch the sunset from a xiringuito (the local term for beach bars). Many of these are located around the port and beachfronts near out holiday letings in Cambrils. Make sure to taste the traditional pintxos and paella while enjoying the sunset!


Our holiday lettings in Cambrils also offer close access to the Parc Sama, a 14-hectare oasis filled with lush gardens. Take a break from the beach to enjoy the park’s mini forests, waterfalls, summer residences, and make sure to try handfeeding some of the animals. Other than the expansive beaches, make sure to visit the Mercat Municipal, a small but well-populated market. The market, which can easily be mistaken as a church from the outside, has fresh produce and fish easily available for purchase. Finish your day partying along the Avenida Diputacio – the town is more relaxed compared to other Spanish coastal towns due to its family friendly nature, but the promenade still offers a great time.


This fishing town turned tourist destination is the perfect getaway for you and your family or partner!