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Corsica is an island gem, located in the Mediterranean Sea. If you are looking for a sunny self-catering escape in France that villas in Brittany or Normandy may not satisfy, rent a villa in Corsica and find yourself in a deliciously warm climate with breath-taking beaches, colourful culture and welcoming people. Dig into a fresh fish dish sourced directly from the crystal clear waters, watch a traditional band play on a balmy summers’ night, or simply let the weather wash over you as you relax at your ideal villa. Book any of our French holiday rentals in Corsica and plan a getaway to this Mediterranean paradise.

Villas in Corsica

Holiday rentals in France – Corsican history

Corsica is a delightful island, and despite of its close proximity to Italy, the French secured control over the island in 1768 and have controlled it ever since. Learn all about this chequered past on your self-catering holidays in this territory of France. Although the rise of Napoleon is the most referenced period when it comes to the history of Corsica and its relation to the history of France as a whole, you may also be interested to know that the earliest settlers on the island date back to 3000BC! They left behind impressive standing stones which you can still visit today from your French holiday homes.

Enjoy island culture with villas in Corsica

A heady blend of Italian and French influences makes Corsica not only a favourite for foreign tourists, but also for French nationals. Today, the island is governed under partial home-rule from the capital Ajaccio, and therefore offers a mix of Italian as well as French culture. The Corsican cultural identity is rich and layered, much like its history, offering many different outlets of expression from traditional music, food and architecture to the very languages that are spoken on the island. French is the primary language, but many are trilingual, also speaking Italian and Corsu. Either way, renting French villas in Corsica is an excellent way of coming closer to living like a local whilst you travel.

Things to do in Corsica

Corsica is a very special French self-catering holiday destination with many possibilities for all avenues of entertainment. Those who are seeking active adventure holidays can engage with this challenging landscape and go hiking, trekking and even mountain climbing! Of course, proximity to the water also opens up opportunities for sailing, rafting, swimming, fishing, canoeing and much more. There are also plenty of things to do in Corsica for those interested in culture and taking their holidays at a more relaxed pace. From the comfort of Corsica villas, meander through the rustic towns and villages where most Corsicans live, admiring old monuments, citadels and churches.

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French gites in amazing Corsican landscapes

Corsica is a mountainous island in the Mediterranean region with fantastic landscapes, including stylish coastlines, dense forests and wonderfully dramatic peaks, providing surroundings unique to any other French villa destination. Half the island is within a national park, including the island’s highest peak, Monte Cinto, which at 2,706 metres may even be visible from your villas in Corsica. From peaks to beaches, the island also has a mixture of busy and remote stretches of sand, dipping into the warm ocean. Don’t be fooled by Corsica’s island status – this destination is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and has much to offer on family holidays.

Beach holidays in Corsica

Rent a coastal cottage or villa with a sea view and enjoy being close to some of the top beaches in France! Lounge on white sands or beaches with softly rounded pebbles, fringed with pine-scented forests. Go to Calvi and swim in crystalline waters with the impressive citadel in the background, or Palombaggia to the south of the island with its beautiful red-coloured granite rocks contrasting against the expansive blue sea. The beaches of Palombaggia are just a short drive from Porto-Vecchio, which is a charming port town and the final stop of the Corsican Railway. As far self-catering in France goes, renting villas in Corsica might be the closest you can get to finding a beach paradise that wouldn't look out of place in the Bahamas, Philippines or Maldives.

What to eat – self-catering in France

Your stay in one of our French villas in Corsica would be incomplete without tasting some of the local food. Corsican cuisine is full of delicious, bold and fresh Italian flavours, with some similarities to the cuisine of Provence on the mainland. Delicious fruits growing on the island include figs, tomatoes and strawberries, whilst artichokes, courgettes and aubergines also feature heavily in the Corsican diet. Meat-eaters will delight in an unparalleled charcuterie of chestnut-reared pork, lasagne and gnocchi with rich meat sauces and locally-bred roast lamb ragout. Whilst out walking in the countryside, look out for wild herbs to use in delicious dishes back at your villa, or wander down to local restaurants where you will find extensive menus accompanied by scrumptious local wines.

Self-catering in France

Service – why NOVASOL?

All of our villas in France, including those on the island of Corsica are well-maintained and offer a huge range of properties to cater for all tastes and budgets. Whether you are looking for holiday lettings with a seaside location, villas with swimming pools, cost-effective apartments, or group accommodation for a family occasion, NOVASOL have the villas in France you are looking for. We also have local staff in offices at your holiday destination, which means our service extends beyond simply arranging your French holiday home. NOVASOL intends to be with you every step of the way, offering as much or as little advice as you need.