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Visit the beautiful, tranquil French region of Franche-Comté; characterised by its gently-sloping mountains verdant valleys and fertile farmland, the area still retains a real sense of 'old-world' charm. Choose to book our French holiday homes in Franche-Comté this year and you can look forward to days spent on the many scenic hiking trails, plenty of fresh air and afternoons spent in charming cobbled villages. Franche-Comté is the undiscovered region of France. Sparsely populated and abundant in hidden valleys, dramatic mountainscapes, rushing rivers and still lakes, nature reigns supreme here, making this a wildlife lover’s dream location.

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Things to do in Franche-Comté

On holiday in Franche-Comté you will come across a lot of attractions on the journey. In addition to the beautiful nature, the rich French history has laid the foundation for sights, which must not be overlooked. There are a wealth of churches, castles, architectural buildings, monuments and other historical sites. For example, visit The 'Musee de l'Hotel-Dieu' in Beaune with its Gothic architecture and fascinating history dating back to 1443, or a bit past 'Chateau de Joux', where many historical events took place and in the 18th and 19th century were used as a prison. The kids will certainly also love a trip to 'Aquaparc Isis' in Dole, full of water games, relaxation and entertainment at the highest level, or a visit to the 'Dino Zoo du Doubs', where you can see over hundreds of reconstructions of prehistoric animals and people

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French cuisine in Franche-Comté

Franche-Comté is a fantastic place to discover some of the most mouth-watering local specialties in French cuisine. Boasting sumptuous cheeses, the most famous being Comté – creamy, nutty and best served alongside a plate of smoked mountain ham.  Smoked salt beef and Morteau pork sausage also grace the local charcuterie, but vegetarians fear not, as there are plenty of meat-free treats to tuck into. Local cherries from orchards in Fougerolles and Franche-Comté honey appear in various forms – spread on fresh bread, baked into sweat treats or just eaten as they are.

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Wines from Jura are not well known compared to those in Bordeaux or Champagne, but they are well-famed within the region and a real oenophile’s treat. Visit the region in September and be taken away by the annual lively wine festival celebrations. Enjoy the ‘liquid gold’ vin jaune made from late grapes grown and harvested in this region. Sparkling and white wine is the best here and can even be enjoyed during a wine tour, or in the cellars themselves. Wine lovers can also see our French villas in Burgundy here!

Innovation in Franche-Comté

The area is also known as France's watchmaker, as this industry is found on both sides of the Swiss border. In fact, the city used to be one of the biggest clock making centres in France and today they set up a whole museum dedicated to time (free entrance on Sundays!) with more amazing clocks of all shapes and sizes - from tiniest, fragile watches to enormous atomic clock made of 975 details and 18 kg of gold. Rent French holiday homes and discover other local products including glasses, pipes, toys and the car brand Peugeot, which has a large factory in Sochaux. On holiday in Franche-Comté you will have the opportunity to enjoy new tastes and unique views - you may even buy something for your family and friends!

City and culture

The capital of Franche-Comté is Besançon, located idyllically located in the arc of the river Doubs. The city consists mainly of medieval houses built of stone, while sometimes there are beautiful 18th-century houses and magnificent churches and cathedrals. Besançon boasts one of France's finest art collections, featuring art from Titian, Bellini, Rembrandt, Matisse, Rubens and many others. The collection has been nicknamed 'Petit Louvre' because of the wealth of the collection. The city has two other major museums, 'Musée du Temps' located in the Granvelle Palace jewel and 'Musée de la Résistance et de la Déportation' located in the city's castle, which was admitted to UNESCO's World Heritage List in 2008. Visit Franche-Comté and learn about the culture of France.

Nature and landscape

Franche-Comté is a scenic region and often promotes itself as a paradise for 'green tourism' and nature tourism. In the hot summer months, when much of France is drying out, Franche-Comté keeps itself green and fertile due to the nearby mountains and the many rivers and lakes, as well as more frequent summer storms. In the areas of Doubs and Jura along the border with Switzerland (see our Swiss apartments here) you will find colourful flower beds, which include Make the area ideal for hiking and cycling, as well as sailing trips in the rivers. The highest of the mountains 'Crêt de la Neige' has an elevation of 1708 metres.

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A holiday in Franche-Comté is about taking the time and doing everything you love, whether it's sport or relaxation. The landscape is generally dominated by fields, dense pine forests, lakes and mountains, which provides a wealth of activity opportunities where the whole family can participate. Select a French holiday home from NOVASOL’s extensive listings and find just the thing you are looking for in these beautiful surroundings. Our local offices ensure that we have all the expertise and means to give you excellent customer service even during your stay.