A holiday home in Bork Havn, West Justland

Bork Havn is situated in western Denmark in the southern part of Ringkobing Fjord. Novasol lets cheap holiday cottages so you can enjoy the fresh air in Bork Havn together with the family.

The cry of seagulls and fresh sea air flow through Bork Havn which is idyllically situated below Ringkobing Fjord. You should not deny you and your family an enjoyable summer in one of the country’s most beautiful harbour towns.

If you wish to spend a holiday in Denmark together with the family, Bork Havn is the obvious place to start. If you wish to spend a holiday here, is it the view of the North Sea or the fjord you are interested in? Novasol has wonderful holiday cottages and holiday villas on both sides.

Bork Havn invites you to dance at the annual harbour party every year in August. The party lasts for three whole days and all the big contemporary names in Danish music can be heard here. This means three days of loud music, draught beer in huge quantities and thousands of happy people.

What’s better than getting up in the morning, making a cup of coffee and watching the sunrise above the town? There is no obvious answer to this question. Or what about lighting the barbecue, greeting guests at the neighbouring cottage and enjoying a glass of white wine on the terrace? This summery land does not get more beautiful than at the coastline of North Sea.