Holiday cottages in Gronninghoved Strand, South Jutland

Most of the holiday cottages in Gronninghoved Strand face Little Belt and at Novasol you can view many types of holiday cottages - both in Gronninghoved Strand and in the rest of Denmark.

Gronninghoved Strand is situated in a peaceful and scenic area with woods and beach facing Little Belt a little to the south of Kolding. There is not far to Skamlings Bay and other historical sights in the former South Jutlandic border town from here.

This area is part of the beach town of Hejlsminde and where you find tranquil surroundings close to the coast. There are holiday homes in many different categories and at Novasol we let all types of holiday cottages and holiday villas in Gronninghoved Strand and in the rest of Southern Jutland. Novasol supplies all types of holiday homes in Denmark, so let us know what you are looking for.

The beach in Gronninghoved Strand is child-friendly and the water is not very deep. Moreover, there is an excellent water park in the neighbourhood and you can play mini golf, tennis and beach volleyball, or you can go shopping. You can also go shopping or to a restaurant in Kolding and Haderslev, which are a short car ride from your holiday cottage.

In the locality there are good possibilities for walking or studying birds and animal life due to the fact that behind the sluices of the bathing town there is a bird sanctuary.