Lokken, Blokhus - North Jutland

Novasol offers fine holiday cottages in Lokken – the best bathing town in Northern Europe. Lokken is a sought after holiday destination in Denmark. Experience the atmosphere, the water and the countryside here – at NOVASOL we always have holiday cottages in Lokken.

Lokken is probably difficult for foreign tourists to pronounce – but they know without a doubt that it is situated near the western coast of Northern Jutland. As one of the most popular holiday destinations, the town is visited by very many summer visitors from inland and abroad, and there is a lot to see and experience here.

The wide sandy beaches in Lokken are considered some of the best in Denmark and in Northern Europe, and there are many attractive holiday cottages situated in the area. At Novasol we always have a huge selection of holiday villas in and around the North Sea, and many holiday homes are located right by the water.

Many people come to bathe on the beautiful, wide beaches in Lokken by the North Sea, but the town and the area offer much more. Many artists live in the town, and there is a wealth of galleries and working workshops. Experience the working sweet-boiling house or candle foundry too.

It is not far either to Faarup Summerland with fifty amusements for the whole family, and there are many possibilities for riding, cycling, walking or shopping. The possibilities are numerous, so even on a rainy day your holiday is full of experiences.