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Furreby may not be the most famous destination in North Jutland, but this area is just perfect for an exciting holiday. If you decide to rent your holiday lettings Denmark here, you will be close to all the best attractions that North Jutlandhas to offer, as well as the picturesque and charming towns and, of course, the great beaches!

Furreby is located north of Løkken, but has grown together with the beautiful seaside resort, although Furreby itself is peaceful and quiet. Nevertheless, its close proximity to the lively holiday destinations of the region means that this far from a boring destination. It would be a good idea to bring bikes on your holiday as, in our opinion, this is one of the best ways of exploring the area. Be sure to visit Løkken or go on a longer trip to Lønstrup during your holiday in one of our range of holiday lettings Denmark.

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Along the coast lie the seaside towns of Blokhus, Løkken and Lønstrup. During the summer months in particular, these towns come to life and you can enjoy a range of many different events. In addition, there are many shops and restaurants where you can shop and enjoy good food as a first foray into the Danish cuisine. Many craftsmen have made their homes in these cities and so it is possible to bring beautiful artwork and crafts home as a souvenir of your holidays. At Blokhus Saltcenter you can buy salt of different flavours, such as colasal, whiskey and apple salt. Here you can see how a variety of salts are processed. 

The nature of the North Jutland landscape offers many experiences. For example, we would recommend that you go to Rubjerg Knot and Lighthouse, which is one of the most famous attractions in the area. It is estimated that the lighthouse will soon disappear into the sea, so do not wait too long! About three kilometres from the lighthouse lies Strandfogedgården, where you can see exhibitions about the area at Rudbjerg Knut. Råbjerg Mile is also a unique natural attraction in North Jutland and definitely worth seeing whilst staying in our holdiay lettings Denmark in North JutlandIt is Denmark's largest sand dune, with an area of ​​two square kilometres and a height of up to 35 meters. Every year, the sand moves up to 15 metres. 

Attractions and sights near Furreby

If you take a bike on your holiday in North Jutland, there are excellent biking as well as hiking opportunities. Not far from Furreby lies the Børglum Monastery. Here you can see different exhibitions about the monastery's exciting and turbulent history. If you are visiting the area in November or December, then be sure to spend an afternoon or two strolling around the lovely Christmas market. 

The largest family attraction in North Jutland, must be Fårup Sommerland. Here you will find dun for the whole family. Fast roller coasters, carousels, water parks and playgrounds ensure hours of fun for kids and kids at heart! Another great family attraction during your stay in our Denmark holiday lettings is the North Sea Oceanarium in Hirtshals. See the many fish, sharks, playful seals and the weird lumpfish.  If you visit Hirtshals, then stroll through the big harbour, which is one of Denmark's largest. 

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Holiday homes in North Jutland

At NOVASOL, holiday homes in Denmark have always been very popular. For those who want to holiday in Denmark, North Jutland can offer a wide range of experiences and activities. The beautiful beaches are largely very child-friendly and there is a lot of space and the big sand dunes are excellent playgrounds for the youngest members of your family. 

Outside the summer season, North Jutland is also a nice destination. Many attractions are open all year and nature is beautiful throughout the year. NOVASOL has its own serviced office in Blokhus, where you can always get tips for your holiday in the area and seek assistance if you need to.