Beach holidays in Helberskov Strand, East Jutland

Inviting Helberskov Strand

Rent holiday cottages near Helberskov Strand in Eastern Denmark at reasonable prices. At Novasol we help you find a holiday cottage near Helberskov Strand which will suit you and your family. Clean bathing water, idyllic picturesque villages and charmingly beautiful countryside. This is just a titbit of what you experience when you take a trip to Helberskov Strand.

With NOVASOL you can rent holiday lettings near Helberskov Strand with some of the most beautiful countryside in Denmark. You can choose between many different types of holiday homes - right from a simple wooden house to a well-equipped luxury home with a heated pool. With our help you will be absolutely certain of finding holiday cottages and holiday villas to suit you and your family.

Countryside getaways

The countryside is beautiful and animal life abounds around Helberskov Strand, which is situated by the outlet of Mariager Fjord in the Kattegat, with flat beach meadows and wading birds in flocks. Just a stone’s throw away you’ll find child-friendly beaches with shallow water and fine sand.

The scenic area with its numerous nature paths is congenial for long walking and cycling trips for the whole family. Also the small villages around the fjord with their thatched-roof cottages with timber framing, village ponds and bumpy cobblestones, are worth a visit. If you feel like experiencing more, the big towns are not far away.