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Villas in Zadar

Our villas in Zadar welcome you to a sunny seaside city full of enriching culture, history, and architecture. Zadar is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Croatia, located in the northwestern part of the Ravni Kotari region on the Adriatic Sea. With a population of 75,000, it is the second largest city in the region of Dalmatia and the fifth largest city in the country.

The city was first inhabited by humans in the late Stone Age. Additionally, many settlements date as early as the Neolithic Age. Zadar's origin was as a settlement of the Illyrian tribe of Liburians in the 9th century BC. In 59 BC Zadar became a Roman municipum. Under Roman rule, Zadar was equipped with the characteristics of a traditional Ancient Roman city, with a public square, regular road networks, and an elevated capitolium with a temple for worship. While staying in our villas in Zadar, we recommend that you and your family or partner take time to enjoy the many cultural and architectural attractions of this ancient historical city!

villas in zadar

Architecture- villas in Zadar

Zadar is famous worldwide for its architecture steeped in Ancient Roman origin and tradition. During the time of Julius Caesar and the Emperor Augustus, the city walls - with towers and gates - were built to fortify the city from foreign invasions. The city featured the most common aspects of Ancient Roman architecture - the forum, basilica, and temple were all built on the western part of the town, while the amphitheatre and cemeteries were constructed outside of the city's limits. Our villas in Zadar are conveniently located to the architectural remnants of the Ancient Roman colony for you to explore at your leisure. 

Of the many important landmarks in the city, we recommend:

  • Roman Forum, founded by the first Roman Emperor Augustus, and
  • The Church of St. Donatus, a round building built in the pre-Romanesque style; it is the most important preserved structure from this period in Dalmatia.

Culture- villas in Zadar

Our villas in Zadar offer you the perfect gateway into the cultural attractions of the city. We highly recommend visiting:

  • The Croatian Theatre House,
  • The National museum,
  • The Archaeological Museum, and, especially,
  • The Museum of Ancient Glass.

With so much to do in the city, you and your family and partner are guaranteed to have a fulfilling and cultural holiday in Zadar with NOVASOL!