Holiday rentals in France in Pyrénées-Atlantique

Do you want to explore southwestern France with its mountains and the beautiful Atlantic coast? Indulge the family when you choose to stay in one of NOVASOL's holiday rentals in France in the Pyrénées-Atlantique and experience this beautiful region nestled between sea and mountains - where activities opportunities and attractions are numerous. NOVASOL offers holiday rentals for every price range and with all the facilities you could possibly want, so you can find exactly the right holiday homes to suit your needs.

Holiday homes surrounded by natural beauty

The region of Pyrénées-Atlantique is one of the most beautiful regions in France from a natural point of view due to its geographical location and highly varied landscape. Here you can go hiking in the Pyrenees, where you will find numerous hiking trails and exciting routes for mountain bikes during your stay in one our self-catering holiday homes in France. You can explore the Ossau valley or climb Larrun, which rises to over 900 meters. Take the little Rhune train that was built in 1924 up to the top of the mountain and experience the breathtaking panoramic view over all seven provinces in France and Spain as well as the higher peaks in the Pyrenees. At the mountain tops and in the valleys you can enjoy the animal and bird-life, featuring a variety of exotic birds such as the Griffon vulture.

Holiday homes in Pyrénées-Atlantique for an active holiday

Active holidaymakers have the opportunity to rent holiday homes in Pyrénées-Atlantique to enjoy their favorite activities; surfing, mountain biking and hiking in the heights of the spectacular mountains. The waves of the sea near Biarritz are said to be the best throughout France, so if you're a keen and already experienced surfer or just want to test your abilities on the surfboard, you should definitely take a look at the beautiful coastline of Pyrénées-Atlantique. The region is also known for its colourful festivals with many annual events that gather thousands of people in the streets. Experience the famous Bayonne festival or the Festival du Tango Argentin which s held every year in September. Whatever you are looking for during your stay in our holiday rentals in France in Pyrénées-Atlantique, a holiday home will form the ideal base for your active holiday!

Historic and cultural attractions of the Pyrénées-Atlantique

The region is also ideal for those who want to get lost in French history and rich cultural heritage. Magnificent castles and castles abound, such as Chateau de Beynac and Chateau des Milandes, filled with historical tales and adventures. The city of Lourdes is a major part of tourism in the Pyrénées-Atlantique, as millions of visitors visit each year to explore the famous Cave Massabielle. Basque culture is also present throughout the region due to the geographical proximity of the Spanish region of the same name. A good way to get away from the often touristy South of France is to take a trip to the picturesque medieval towns such as Aramits located in the heart of the Barétous Valley. There are so many reasons to rent a holiday home in Aquitaine in the Pyrénées Atlantique; amazing landscapes, a world-famous gastronomy, as well as great waves, the Pyrénées-Atlantique is perfect for renting a beautiful holiday home in France.

NOVASOL is proud to offer a fantastically diverse and extensive range of holiday rentals in France, including every type of property; from large villas in France with pools to smaller apartments in the centre of some of the best-loved cities in France. Browse our range of holiday homes online today or call our customer service team for assistance.

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