Cottages in France in Dordogne

NOVASOL offers numerous cottages in France in the Dordogne area of Aquitaine. This region is proud to boast incredible buildings, thrilling towns and picturesque nature. There are several towns in the Dordogne region of the French Atlantic coast. You can visit the medieval Bergerac that has beautiful vineyards. You should also visit the Manor House of Eyrignac that is surrounded by prize winning gardens. Once you arrive in this beautiful area, you should allow yourself to be enchanted by the natural charms of the region.

Wein in der Dordogne - Ferienhaus Dordogne

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Wonderful villas in South of France

At NOVASOL, we rent several villas in South of France and let you choose your accommodation yourself. You can select a three-star or a five-star property as per your needs. Tourists should visit the famous cave of Lascaux, which is in the Vezere valley. It is known for his pre-historic cave paintings and you are sure to be awestruck looking at the creativity of those times. The town of Nontron is located in the northern part of this region and is well-known for manufacturing knives as per the old artisanal traditions dating back to the 1500s. If you travel towards the south, you will reach Brantome, which is also known as the Venice of the Dordogne. Here, the river is calm and quiet. Its banks are lined up with beautiful flowers and are a perfect place to stroll admiring the beauty of nature.

French Holiday Homes and apartments for families

About 300 metres outside the village of Beaulieusur, Dordogne opens its doors for one of the finest French holiday homes. Our properties are spread over 40 single storey pavilion. The complex offers a number of apartments for families who are looking for a relaxing stay. Rent accommodation with a flatscreen televison, terrace and a well-kept garden. Sport lovers can engage in table tennis, badminton, basketball, football, and bowling. Children can have a wonderful time playing in children’s playground. We ensure that children of all age groups are comfortable and enjoy their stay. Parents do not have to worry to bring baby equipment from home, as all our France villas have baby equipment that can be reserved well in advance.