Torrevieja I Villas to rent in Spain

Villas to rent in Spain in Torrevieja

Torrevieja entices visitors with exquisite holidays regardless of the season with its inviting local culture, smile-inducing climate and, for all there is to offer, surprisingly cheap holidays abroad in Costa Blanca. NOVASOL holiday homes in Torrevieja will give your usual villas in Tenerife a run for their money, so take the time to experience one of the truly special and most exquisite places on the Costa Blanca coast. Lose yourself in the beaches and unique landscapes of the region, with palm groves, lemon, olive and orange trees, including flowers in bright colour combinations, which flower all year round.

Nature and industry – Spanish villas near the ‘Salinas de Torrevieja’

Torrevieja has two large and very striking natural salt water lakes, otherwise known as the ‘Salinas de Torrevieja’. They are not only beautiful, but an official nature reserve with a variety of flora and fauna. The concentration of salt in the water and the surrounding air, make this a recommended forest holidays, walking and swimming area for those with medical issues affecting breathing, the skin or bones even. Torrevieja is famed for salt production, and whilst you rent holiday villas Spain, you can visit the Salt Museum in town to learn a bit more about local salt production, uses and trade throughout history.

Spanish villas for culture and cuisine

Arguably, Torrevieja has managed to keep its true Spanish authenticity better than some of the other, more developed places along the coast- like with apartments Barcelona or Benidorm. One of the benefits of this is being able to sample traditional local cuisine easily, finding many lively bars, restaurants and cafes in the area serving centuries-old recipes. Explore the indoor seafood market or the Friday street market in town on Avenida de las Habaneras. Taste the town’s fantastic fruits whilst you stay at holiday rentals Spain. It is not incidental that this region is called the ‘orchard’ of the country as here they produce sweet melons, grapes, vibrant citrus fruits, almonds and much more.

Fiesta or Siesta with holiday villas Spain

Torrevieja has plenty of life, with many celebrations and events to look forward to. Book your holiday rentals Spain in August and join the Habaneras Festival, where there are traditional competitions with voices all around the world coming together to make one of the best cultural celebrations in Europe. Equally, there are many opportunities to enjoy the peace and quiet – sit on the beach, at your dog friendly cottages, by the salt lakes or the lesser-known Park of Nations, which is a tranquil oasis with well-maintained gardens.