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Beautiful apartments in Majorca

Porto Cristo is located on the eastern coast of Majorca. NOVASOL offers a number of apartments in Majorca and also many splendid villas in this part of the country. Porto Cristo is very famous for its beautiful caves. The most famous ones are ‘Cuevas del Hams’ and ‘Cuevas del Drach’. The beaches close to this place look as if you were in paradise and you it feels as if you were experiencing heaven on earth. It takes around 45 minutes by car to reach Porto Cristo from Palma de Majorca. NOASOL offers a magnificent selection of wonderful holiday lettings Spain in Porto Cristo. Many of our villas here are equipped with swimming pools, so why not enjoy a glass of wine on a sunbed next to your private pool? Our villas in Majorca are beautifully decorated in different styles and we are convinced to have a villa that will suit all your needs.

Villas in Majorca

All of our villas in Majorca are carefully designed an each one is very unique. You can find many sightseeing places nearby that can be discovered during day trips with your family or friends. The cave ‘Cuevas del Drach’ is located around one km from Porto Cristo and is definitely worth a visit. You can enjoy the well-preserved structure of the cave and a number of underground lakes while classical music is being played in the background. Tourists can also take a boat ride in the passages and marvels at the wonderful formations of the walls. After visiting the caves you can head straight to the nearest cafe or restaurant and enjoy a traditional Majorcan meal. You can also relax at the nearest beach with your family or experience some beach activities of your interest. Porto Cristo is a small town in Majorca with many cycle routes and this is why cycling is very popular here. It is ideal for active families who would want to explore the town on their own. Porto Cristo is a modern and an unspoilt travel destination for tourists around the world.

Holiday homes in Spain

There are also many homes self-catering Spain that are quite simple and have a rustic look. Some of our properties are divided into two separate floors, which can either be rented together for bigger groups or families or separately. All floors usually have access to the terrace. The picturesque town of Porto Cristo has an established tourism, but is also famous among locals as it is one of the most significant fishing villages of Spain. The Porto Cristo harbour gives shelter to a number of small fishing boats and protects them from any kind of storms. It is a perfect holiday destination if you want to enjoy the view over the breathtaking sea, but also offers great landscapes where you can enjoy long walks.

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