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Even Archduke Ludwig Salvator recognised the advantages of the small town of Deia on the north west coast of Majorca. Discover villa holidays Spain, set picturesquely in this steep bay town. The main residence of the Archduke was the Son Marroig estate, which is located on the edge of the Serra Tramuntana. This is now a museum dedicated to the powerful Austrian, which you can visit from holiday rentals Spain nearby to learn more about the history of luxury tourism in Deia. Every year there are also high-class cultural events on offer, as well as gourmet restaurants with entertainment, like traditional Spanish dancing. Simply select an artist’s retreat, a family-friendly villa or even one of our dog-friendly cottages to discover this gem.

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Deia is crisscrossed by streams and has a five-kilometre long coastline. The village built a network of watchtowers in the 16th century to defend against pirate attacks. Some of the towers are still preserved and can be visited in the Balearic Islands from villas to rent in Spain. Of the approximate 760 permanent residents of the municipality, two thirds are foreigners. Visit the numerous galleries set up here by local artists inspired by the same surroundings as Pablo Picasso and Ulrich Lemann. At the cemetery in Oberndorf, graves of famous artists can be found. Pay your respects to the writer Robert Graves, who spent his last years in Deia.

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Deia, because of its closed off position and beauty, gradually attracted the rich and noble aristocrats over time of all locations for holiday rentals Spain. To this day, expensive yachts and luxury boutiques characterise the city. Marvel at the city during a tour on your holidays on the island of Majorca. Admire the beautifully manicured houses amid lush flowering vegetation! From the white houses of the lower town’s steep paths lead to the Upper Town. From there you can enjoy magnificent views over the sea. Book a beautiful finca for your family holidays abroad and take part in the luxury tourism!

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