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Manche is located in Lower Normandy that includes the peninsula of Cotentin and the small group of islands known as Chausey. The climate is pleasant all year round because of its coastal location. It enjoys wonderful natural beauty that is perfect for relaxation. It has a variety of landscapes ranging from moors and cliffs to fertile meadows and wild shorelines with colourful flowers and exotic plants. It is named after the English Channel known as La Manche, which means ‘the sleeve’ in French. French holiday homes by NOVASOL can be booked any time during the year. A number of tourists flock to this part of France to explore the famous island and monastery of Mont Saint Michel. People also love to visit the sandy beaches that are located along the western coast. It offers a rural backdrop combining open fields, marshlands, and coastal cliff tops that are ideal for photography. You can enjoy looking at the scenery not only on the western coast but also in the inland areas.

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Visit Manche in Normany and book any of our France villas at NOVASOL. We have accommodations to suit different likes and tastes. So, whether you are with children or aged people, we have something for everyone. A holiday in Manche self-catering in Normandy will be terrific in any of our three-star to five-star properties. Mont St Michel is an incredible tidal island made of granite in Manche. Atop this island, there is an enormous castle that has a commanding view of the entire area. You can tour the charming old town and treat yourself and your family to the local delicacies of this region. We are sure you will enjoy panoramic views at the top of the town.

Wonderful Gites Normandy

Along the coast of La Manche, you will find coastal fortifications where you can witness Norman history. While staying in our gites Normandy you can explore the harmonious and architectural heritages in this area. UNESCO has regarded Manche to be a world heritage site. It is a land of art and history, so a visit to this place will be informing and entertaining at the same time. Gites in France by NOVASOL include several cosy apartments and luxurious villas that can be booked online or by telephone. Most of our accommodations have a swimming pool, a garden and a lovely terrace that offers breathtaking views of the countryside. You can contact one of our representatives for help on arranging your dream holiday. Escape to the beautiful landscapes in Manche and get the perfect starting point for your memorable holiday.