French Holiday Homes in Caen, Normandy

Caen is a place in Normandy well-known for its historic buildings that date back to the time of William the Conqueror. When you come here, you will be impressed by the massive castle from 1060, which is located right in the centre of the town. We have a wonderful selection of French holiday homes in Caen, so it will be very easy for you to find a villa suitable to you and your family. Staying in any of our France villas will allow you to explore the area at your leisure. Caen is a fantastic place to try world class cooking. The area is not only famous for its lovely cheeses, calvados apple brandy and cider, but also for its competent local seafood chefs. Caen, in Normandy is one of the oldest university towns in France. It is an active city with a lot of activities around and is also a vibrant and an attractive city on the river Orne.

Ferienwohnung Caen - Normandie

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Caen is brimming with wonderful art and fashion boutiques with markets that sell supreme quality wine and fresh local products. Caen is a delightful shopping paradise for shopping lovers and you can spend an entire day buying famous products. The rich taste of Normandy can be experienced not only in the lavish restaurants but also street side cafes. Caen is a lovely place to explore the sites of the Normandy Landings, Caen Memorial Museum, which is dedicated to peace and also visit some of the stunning beaches. French gites in Normandy by NOVASOL are available all year round, so whichever time you choose to visit us, we are sure to have an accommodation for you and your family. We have villas not only in France but also in the whole of Europe, so you can decide the place and time of visit all by yourself.

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Caen’s skyline has been embellished by soaring church towers everywhere in the region. You can visit some of the most beautiful churches and cathedrals while you are here. Self-catering Normandy with NOVASOL is quick and easy to find. We have a variety of accommodations ranging from three-stars to five-stars. You can also stay in our cosy apartments that are ideal for small families and luxurious villas that are best for large families. So whether you are three or ten people, you will be accommodated comfortably. Book any of our gites Normandy and you can be sure of getting comfort, quality and a well located holiday home in France. Visit Caen and see the remnants of its exciting bygone eras.