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Self-catering in Normandy for your next family holiday

Normandy is a wonderful destination for those looking to stay in one of our French holiday rentals, with its mild climate, seaside scenery, fantastic culture and cuisine as well as heaps of local history. Discover this impressive region when you rent one of NOVASOL's gites, villas or holiday cottages in Normandy and discover a multi-faceted paradise that still retains its authentic French charm – making it the ideal self-catering destination for just about any age or type of holidaymaker. The region is also easily accessible not just by plane and train but also by ferry via the neighbouring region of Brittany. Browse our range of holiday lettings and find the right self-catering Normandy accommodation to suit your needs.

Self-catering France

French culture to discover from Normandy gites

Normandy is home to a very rich culture, intertwined with its history of settlers from near and far. From our French holiday homes, explore an incredible cuisine, a melting-pot of languages, traditional architecture and a myriad of inspired art, music and literature. Perhaps you will choose to stay in an authentic Normandy cottage, built with local stone and timber to get the full experience! During your stay, you will also find that some parts of Normandy are filled with modern and cutting edge design, contrasting to the old traditional houses. Visit galleries, explore the coastline or while away a few hours with a leisurely lunch in an authentic eatery, enjoying some traditional local specialties.

Best places to visit from our Normandy accommodation

Self-catering holiday homes in France are the gateway to some of the most beautiful and interesting cities, towns and villages. While renting Normandy gites, get lost in medieval history in the attractive town of Bayeux on the Aure River, discover why colourful Honfleur was a muse for Claude Monet’s paintings or dive into the markets in Calvados – a veritable treasure trove for fresh produce, fashion and antiques. If you enjoy architecture, check out the Gothic churches of Rouen, and if a charming seaside retreat sounds ideal, Deauville has everything you could want. NOVASOL have French holiday rentals all over the region, so simply browse our extensive listings to find the match for you.

Gites in Normandy – castles, monasteries and fortresses

Most of our gites to rent in Normandy are located in the west near the Cherbourg peninsula, where lush green landscapes, small beautiful villages and clusters of houses will be just some of the memories you take away from your holidays. Normandy played a crucial role during World War II, and there are traces of the turbulent but fascinating history everywhere. Enjoy the scenery on self-catering holidays, whilst delving into significant beachheads such as Omaha Beach – where the D-Day landing took place. The region is also filled with wonderful castles, huge monasteries, grand fortresses and manor-houses. And, be sure to visit one of the best attractions in France during your stay – the craggy island of Mont-Saint-Michel with its imposing Gothic Abbey.

Normandy Gites

What to eat in Normandy – self-catering in France

Normandy, like Provence and other popular French regions, has a proud gastronomic heritage, boasting sweet apples, fresh seafood, rich and flavoursome poultry dishes, dreamy cheese and the best butter and milk you have ever tasted. Enjoy this smorgasbord of exciting tastes in one of Normandy’s excellent restaurants, or pick up some fresh ingredients from local agricultural suppliers at markets and make your own traditional banquet back at Normandy villas. Be sure not to miss out on local specialties of meadow-grazed lamb, scallops in white wine and rice pudding. Wind down your evening in French country cottages with a glass of Calvados, grown in Normandy’s beautiful orchards.

Beautiful scenery

During your stay in Normandy, explore the region’s beautiful and peaceful surroundings from the convenience of our holiday homes. Normandy offers verdant lowlands with grazing Norman cattle, undulating hills with plentiful apple trees, placid beaches, charming villages and fantastic fairy-tale castles. Relax and enjoy the view from French villas before venturing out to explore the true magic of Normandy for yourselves. Whether you would like to take a long walk through the abundant countryside, have an impromptu fishing trip on Normandy’s gleaming rivers, or admire the flora and fauna on a forest holiday, you are bound to be bewitched by this captivating landscape.

Enjoy the climate on a beach holidays

The northern region of France has a gentle climate and wonderful sandy beaches that beckon you in for a relaxing swim or sunbathing session on your summer holidays in France. Rainfall is more frequent in Upper Normandy, although this creates beautifully verdant pastures, whereas inland the weather is drier and the seasons are distinct. It is arguable that some of the best beaches in France can be found in Cabourg, Trouville and Deauville near our equally attractive villas and gites in Normandy. Choose your ideal self-catering holiday home and enjoy the scenery come rain or shine in this magical part of France.

Villas in France

Service – why NOVASOL?

NOVASOL’s French villas and gites in Normandy are available on the coast where you can find stunning beaches and wonderful rocky bays, and in the countryside – brimming with rural charm. You can book our holiday homes all year-round, day or night. Browse through our variety of French holiday homes and be enchanted by our range – from quirky cottages to vibrant villas and affordable apartments. With almost half a century’s experience, NOVASOL have the expertise to provide you with the ideal base for your self-catering holiday experience. Local offices and a dedicated customer services team are there to ensure your self-catering holiday in France is perfect.