Villas in Corsica in Porto Vecchio

Villas in Corsica in Porto Vecchio

Porto Vecchio on Corsica is a wonderful choice for spending a Mediterranean holiday. NOVASOL has enchanting villas in Corsica and all over Porto Vecchio. It is a popular and a trendy holiday destination in France. Porto Vecchio is a small town on Corsica, but a huge tourist destination for the glamorous and the sophisticated people. It is popular as it has a unique location with beautiful beaches and is an internationally recognised area. NOVASOL has numerous holiday rentals France that range from ordinary but nice and solid, to those that are luxuriously furnished with all imaginable amenities. We inspect all our rentals on a regular basis to ensure that they live up to our standards and also to your expectations.

Well-decorated Cottages in France

Porto Vecchio is in the southern part of Corsica and has been a magnet for the international crowd from the UK, Italy, Holland and Germany. It has attracted a number of tourists in the recent past. Our cottages in France are a paradise for children. All our villas are fully enclosed and have a pleasant shade of the pine. There is a children’s park with a slide and a swing, so that your children have spend some good time here. While your children play, you can relax on a lounger. All our properties are close to the major attractions of the city such as the white sandy beaches of Porto Vecchio and Pinottoli Caldarello. You can explore the beautiful port city of Bonifacio and also the wonderful beaches of Santa Guiliaa and Rondinara. We recommend that you must the taste the grape juice from the wine-growing region of Figari, which is the oldest town on the island.

Beautiful France Villas

Our France villas are beautifully decorated with all basic and modern amenities. At NOVASOL, we encourage feedback from our guests to adjust our selection of properties accordingly. We have highest quality of holiday rentals France, which we rate from three-star to five-star, with five-star being of the highest luxury. Porto Vecchio promises to give you the best holiday that you are looking for. We accommodate from three to thirty people, so small families as well as large families are welcome. Porto Vecchio is placed on a good harbour, the southernmost of the marshy and alluvial east side of Corsica. The beaches in this area are well-populated, so you are sure to have a good time. This town is a terminus of a branch line of the Corsican Railways, so you can reach here choosing any mode of transport. Our bookings can be made online or even through phone, so select your holiday home today.