Bolilmark on the Wadden Sea island of Rømø

Surrounded by heather areas and clothed in grass, Bolilmark is a peaceful holiday corner in Denmark. Novasol lets holiday cottages in Bolilmark, with lots of room for the whole family.

Bolilmark lies in one of the most scenic areas in the country. Heaths and dunes characterise the area, which is beautifully located on the northern part of Rømø. All the houses in the area have grass on the roof and when you arrive on the island this gives a very idyllic impression.

The cosy island atmosphere of Bolilmark creates the perfect setting for a relaxing holiday. The whole island is criss-crossed with walking paths, and has some of the richest animal life in Denmark. Novasol lets holiday cottages and holiday villas which are ideally suited to enjoying evenings by the barbecue.

Bolilmark is situated close to good shopping possibilities, restaurants and cafés, including all sorts of activities for the whole family. Probably the country’s best beach lies a few kilometres away, where there is ample opportunity to bathe, surf and enjoy the water.

Walking trips around the island are something quite unique. The northern part of the island has been designated as a bird sanctuary, and therefore when you walk around the island you can see very rich bird life. Moreover, the countryside is beautiful and varied, so exploring the island never gets boring.