Danish holiday rentals in Lolland

Lolland has been overlooked as a holiday destination. This is unfair because with holiday cottages from Novasol you can find attractions in Lolland that make a holiday in Denmark great. Everyone can count on having an unbeatable holiday on the island of Lolland. There are simply so many exciting attractions and sights here that you can actually long for a rainy day as an excuse to leave the beach and, for instance, visit a museum.

Novasol has numerous lovely holiday cottages on Lolland, which are just waiting for you and your family to pay a visit. This is Denmark exhibiting its best and most attractive side. With one of our holiday villas you never go wrong – or miss the beach.There is never a lack of things to do if you decide to spend your holiday on Lolland. We just have to name well-known attractions like Knuthenborg Park and Safari, which offer a wealth of experiences for children and adults, or the exciting Mediaeval Centre where especially children get filled with enthusiasm by the authentic knights.

Novasol has Denmark’s best and cheapest holiday homes, which are just waiting for you and your family to come by. We make huge demands on the cottages we let and have received enthusiastic feedback from our guests again and again.