Holiday cottages in Ristinge, Langeland

Ristinge is a lovely little village community with tranquil and idyllic surroundings that make even the busiest of people relax. In Ristinge Novasol has some of the best holiday cottages in Denmark.

Ristinge is an independent little community with its own church and inn, where welfare and comfort is paramount. The town has one of the country’s smallest harbours – but maybe one of the cosiest. You can buy the local fishermen’s catch directly from the boat or you can enjoy an ice cream whilst you catch crabs from the mole.

With holiday cottages from Novasol you have the possibility of spending a perfect holiday in Denmark. We have holiday cottages for every taste and all price ranges, and we are sure that our holiday villas can supply you and your family with the foundation for having a fantastic and memorable holiday in Ristinge on the island of Langeland.

Just outside the town a 30-metre tall and two-kilometre long cliff makes up the south side of the Ristinge Peninsular on Langeland. A well functioning path system makes it possible to wander along the cliff and enjoy the fantastic view of the sea – and if you get too hot there isn’t far to a cool bath.

For several years Novasol has supplied holiday-hungry Danes with cheap and lovely holiday homes. Thousands have been satisfied with our lovely cottages, and this summer thousands will discover our unrivalled service.