Assens, Fyn

Rent holiday cottages from Novasol in beautiful Assens and you won’t regret it. Bumpy cobblestones, old stately grocery yards and gable houses with timber framing. Charming Assens in the west of Fyn is beautifully located by the Little Belt and has plenty to offer as a holiday destination – both for adults and children.

Novasol has many lovely holiday cottages and holiday villas to rent in and around Assens to the east of Denmark. No matter whether you prefer a well-equipped holiday villa with a spa bath and swimming pool or a simpler cottage, we aren’t shy to say that we can provide you with a suitable roof over your head in the 800-year old market town.

You never lose sight of the Little Belt in Assens, which is surrounded by the coast and a varied landscape with fields and woods. This is part of the town’s charm, where the fresh sea air is loaded with ambiance. Really breathe it in on the cosy marina and let it follow you around the well-preserved old town.

There are plenty of things to do in the region. Visit, for example, some of the town’s many museums and galleries, the Mini Town, the childhood home of the sea hero, Peter Willemoes, the manor house 'Old Alvernaes' near Ebberup, the neighbouring mediaeval castle, including Vedstaarup Veteran Car Museum and so on.