Danish villas in Rindby on the island of Fanø

Rindby is beautifully situated in the middle of Fano, slightly south west of Nordby. Novasol lets holiday cottages in Rindby, which has perhaps one of the best beaches in Denmark.

Rindby itself doesn’t actually comprise of more than some scattered houses and farms. The island’s oldest church stood in Rindby, but was torn down in 1786. The churchyard was kept however, and the chapel that was built in 1894 still stands.

If you and your family are seeking a lovely scenic area to spend a holiday in Denmark, Rindby is the obvious place to go. Novasol lets cheap holiday cottages and holiday villas that are almost guaranteed to have a fantastic view of the sandy beaches in Rindby. Rumour has it that the sun always shines here.

Rindby beach is quite clearly the town’s greatest asset. It is wide and long, white and child-friendly. The water is clear and the sea stretches as far as the eye can see. Remember that you are allowed to drive your car on the beach, so taking the whole family with you is no problem.

The idyllic little island to the west of Esbjerg is always worth a visit. The sailing trip from the mainland is the best time to unwind and get into the holiday mode away from everyday hustle and bustle. On Fano there is no way out of relaxing and enjoying the island with its wonderful countryside and sandy beaches.