Denmark | Christmas and New Year Holidays

Danish holiday homes give families the flexibility to get stuck into as many Christmas activities as possible. As a relatively small country, it is possible to enjoy the festive attractions of Denmark from self-catered accommodation all over the country. Whether it is charming Christmas markets, exciting zoo’s or interesting cultural activities that tickle you family’s fancy, you can design your Christmas holidays however you like while self-catering in Denmark.

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Festive weather

Renting holiday homes in Denmark over the Christmas period, families experience the cold, sometimes snowy weather that characterises the season. Denmark’s position, connecting northern Europe and Scandinavia, exposes it to some pretty chilly weather over the winter months, so you will definitely get that Christmas feeling. Although the climate is not as cold as northern neighbours Norway and Sweden, NOVASOL’s holiday homes in Denmark are still kitted out with all the modern amenities to make sure your family is kept nice and snug.

Activities to enjoy while self-catering in Denmark

Danish society is very family focussed. The government provides large subsidies to family activities and high taxes help to pay from very generous public services. This makes the country a great destination for family holidays all year round as many tourist attractions are designed to cater for domestic visitors just as much as foreign travellers. When staying in Danish holiday homes in Jutland, the Legoland park is well worth a visit over the Christmas period. The park has recently built a new area, called the LEGO House, which contains 25 million bricks and is a real blast children and parents alike.

Christmas in Copenhagen – holiday homes in Denmark

Copenhagen is a gorgeous city to visit throughout the year, and is made even more beautiful during the festive period by the sparkling lights and dustings of snow. The city has 2 Christmas markets worth visiting on family holidays: Højbro Plads market in the central square, and the Tivoli market in the famous amusement park. The Christmas lights at Tivoli are particularly impressive, winding up and round the park’s rides and through the trees of its extensive gardens. Every year, families visit from Danish holiday homes across the country to enjoy Tivoli market’s 50 stalls which sell delicious warming foods and glögg (Scandinavian mulled wine).

Christmas by the seaside- holiday homes in Denmark

For a relatively small country, Denmark has rather a large amount of coast to explore. Many of the country’s beaches are wild and open, often completely empty for miles along. The summer resorts that line west Jutland are teeming with Danish tourists in the summer months, but in the winter are much quieter and more romantic. Renting holiday homes in Denmark over the Christmas period, families enjoy walking along the beaches looking for washed up fossils and amber. The choppier the water the more of these trinkets wash up, and finding them proves fun activity for imaginative youngsters. Just make sure you wear a waterproof coat otherwise the sea spray will pierce you like arrows.

Explore Castle Christmas markets from Denmark accommodation

As well as the famous market at Tivoli, visitors can also find Christmas markets in some of Denmark’s most gorgeous castles, not too far from the capital. Kronborg Castle, located in Helsingør, on the north-eastern point of Zealand, looks out across the strait towards Sweden and hosts a marvellous market during the festive months. Visit from Danish holiday homes across the north-east of the country, or even on the boat from Sweden which you can see from the castle’s battlements. In the opposite direction, Egeskov Castle, on Funen Island, has an imposing 16th century structure and within its extensive gardens holds a charming market well worth visiting while self-catering.

Danish Christmas traditions

The Danes have many Christmas and New Year’s traditions that can be participated in while self-catering. Denmark draws from its Nordic roots in celebrating the Danish Jul – similar to the German Yule – an old pagan festival which coincides with Christmas. Unlike in the UK, the most important meal at Christmas is on Christmas Eve when the largest feast takes place. After the feast, families dance around the Yule tree singing songs and then hand out the presents. This new routine might come as quite a shock to your family but give its worth giving it a try while renting holiday homes in Denmark. And don’t worry, there is still a Christmas lunch on Christmas Day in Danish tradition.

Christmas food on self-catering holidays in Denmark

With so much eating planned around the festive period, the Danish have come up with a killer menu that will get tummies rumbling. The typical Christmas meal has roast goose, duck or pork with boiled potatoes, cabbage and gravy. While self-catering in Denmark, it’s not difficult to get your hands on some Christmas grub in pubs and restaurants across the country. Most Danes go for a number of Christmas lunches with friends and family throughout the period, so most eateries do a comprehensive Christmas menu. To wash down the delicious food, visiting families are advised to try the local malt beers, although a glass or two of glögg never goes amiss.

Getting out and about from Denmark accommodation

When travelling around in Denmark, families have plenty of options. If you can brave it in the cold winter weather, cycling in Denmark is fantastic. Everybody cycles due to the flat terrain and the fantastic facilities for two-wheeled transport in Denmark. Self-catering families also take advantage of the excellent public transport which exists across the country. Good transport connections are especially useful during the festive period when, after a few too many shots of snaps, driving is not an option. Of course, renting a car is very useful for visiting attractions from Danish holiday homes, and because of the country's small geographical size, things are never too far away.

NOVASOL holiday homes in Denmark

NOVASOL was founded in Denmark in 1968 and is based in this wonderful country to this day. With Danish traditions and values, we understand that family is the most important thing and getting it right for families is our main priority. Our Danish holiday homes are located across the country and range in price and size, catering to the needs of every party. Perhaps you want a seaside summer getaway, or maybe a winter cottage outside Copenhagen – whatever it is, we have the Danish holiday homes for you. NOVASOL also has a network of offices around the country to help visitors with key collection and any other queries they may have, making trips smoother and more relaxing.