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Why not discover Flanders next time you are self-catering in Belgium? The region of Flanders is known for its lively atmosphere and impressive history, but it also consists of green nature with breath-taking landscapes, art and culture. It is incomparable with anything else, especially its charming and colourful cities. Furthermore, Flanders offers plenty of small idyllic areas, far away from the stress and rush of everyday life. Flanders consists of the regions Antwerp, East Flanders, West Flanders, Limburg and Flemish Brabant – all worth a visit, whether your holiday is a spontaneous getaway in a last minute cottage or a long-awaited family trip.

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Self-catering Belgium near Bruges

Bruges is a great place and you will enjoy visiting it when staying in our holiday cottages in Belgium. In this town you can enjoy the old architecture and art treasures that are preserved with great dignity. Characteristic for Bruges is the combination of the present and history. Since Roman times, Bruges has been an important seaport with good connections to Scandinavia and France. In the chaotic medieval times the city experienced bad recessions, but when the canal to Zeebrugge was reopened in the beginning of the 1990's Bruges experienced an economic turnaround. Enjoy your holidays in Belgium and uncover the county’s history in Bruges.

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From the end of the 19th century, Bruges has been known all over Europe for tourism and culture in Belgium, mainly because of the variation in the culture mix between history and modern architecture. In 2002, Bruges was proclaimed the Culture Capital of Europe. In the centre of Bruges you will find the old part of the city with its many churches, museums, castles and lots of beautiful squares. Explore the city by foot or by boat and be amazed by the combination of the roman heritage from the medieval times, and the beautiful modern architecture. When self-catering in Belgium, enjoy staying close to Bruges or in the surroundings of this lovely town!

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Explore the countryside from your holiday home

The Belgian coast stretches from Knokke to De Panne. Along the coastline, you can enjoy the excellence of this impressive landscape while self-catering in Belgium. Visit one of the many restaurants and try the local delicacies which are famous for their freshness and high quality. The coastal area is the perfect self-catering destination for all bike and hiking enthusiasts. The bike and walking paths lead you through unique nature areas, presenting some of the best activities in Belgium. Should you change your mind en route you can take the train back to your destination.

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Metropolitan cities such as Brussels and Antwerp and the charming town of Bruges are all located in Flanders. Each city offers beautiful churches and cathedrals, different cultural sights and a great selection of holiday cottages in Belgium. There are also 13 smaller cities, such as Oostende and Nieuwpoort along the West Flanders coastline which can be great spots for a self-catering holiday. Here you can participate in all kinds for water activities and explore the many small villages and appealing harbour fronts. The sandy beaches are well distributed throughout the coastal area. In the summertime, both locals and tourists visit the beaches and the better the weather is, the more people will be around.

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Flemish cuisine

Food in Flanders is something not to be missed, and whilst cuisine in Belgium is well-known for waffles and chocolate, there is a wide range of delicious culinary treats to be sampled in Flanders that extends well beyond dessert. Enjoy a range of regionally produced ingredients available near your holiday homes in Belgium, like white asparagus, nutritious endives and various types of seafood in delicious combinations. If you were looking for something to satiate a sweet tooth, however, you could try ‘cuberdon’ conical raspberry sweets in Ghent, or ‘Antwerpse handjes’ – hand-shaped biscuits or chocolates found in Antwerp.

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Flanders is a wonderful region of Belgium to explore on a family holiday, with your partner, or a solo adventure into all that this place can offer. Whether you are looking for a Flanders self-catering holiday, NOVASOL’s range of properties reflects to the variety of activities, landscapes and experiences to be had in Flanders. Simply order our brochure or search online for the ideal holiday lettings for you. Service is a pillar of our business and we would be happy to help you with any queries whilst booking your next holiday. With local offices, our customer care doesn’t end once you’ve booked either!

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