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Flevoland is a province with lots of green areas and recreational wetlands that exude peace and quiet – it’s the perfect for self-catering Holland, with a bit of everything for everyone. From your holiday home in Flevoland, you can always look for a popular waterfront, the artificial lake Markenmeer or the lock system connecting the towns of Lelystad and Enkhuizen. A vacation in Flevoland is certainly not a bad choice!

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Experiences in Lelystad

Lelystad, the capital of Flevoland is very easily accessible when you vacation in Flevoland. In Lelystad, there is the famous Batavia Wharf, where a beautiful reconstruction of the VOC ship Batavia from 1628 can be admired. Just off the coast of Lelystad is the famous shopping street called Batavia Outlet Shopping that is known to be a shopper’s paradise. Rent villas in Holland here and you can buy popular brands at affordable prices – and as a bonus, you can enjoy the unique architecture. Outside the city lies the natural park Lelystad, which is very popular with the area's guests. Near the Swifterbant you can visit an observatory.

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In Flevoland you can find the most spectacular amusement park in Holland named Walibi. You can also visit the famous Aviodrome, a prominent theme park for aviation – enjoy exciting rollercoasters, water attractions and a visitor centre showing the 200-year history of aviation from start to finish. Refresh your knowledge of Luffart at your holiday homes in Holland, because there isn’t another place you can experience aviation like here – it’ll feels like you’re also one of the heroes of the sky!

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Fun for the children

Regardless of your age, there are plenty of things to do in Holland. The indoor amusement park called Kidz Village houses is a children's playground, winter hall and water park, all under roof in the northern part of Flevoland. Search and find the De Pret for children. Here you can enjoy a miniature golf course and playground – as you can see, your holiday home in Holland is close to attractions and fun or all the family.

A holiday home near Oostvaardersplassen

The nature at Oostvaardersplassen is quite unique in Holland.In fact, throughout Europe, there is no area comparable to Oostvaardersplassen. In the depth of southern Flevoland, nature has created a beautiful large moor area with plains, extensive grassland and ponds. The wildlife is varied with birds like geese, cormorants and corms, and animals such as deer, foxes, hares, bats and butterflies that enrich the wildlife. It’s highly recommended for wildlife and animal enthusiasts to experience this unique land with holiday cottages in Holland! Even the eagle, which has not been a natural part of Dutch fauna since the Middle Ages, is now breeding here. Hike or cycle on the many trails in Oostvaardersplassen and get to know Holland for its beauty.

Activities during your vacation in Flevoland

In the northern part of Flevoland is Schokland, which was formerly an island. Schokland is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers a unique combination of cultural history and nature. If you are interested in Dutch culture, also take some time to visit Middelbuurt and the Schokland Museum, where you can experience how life has developed through centuries. In the eastern part of Flevoland you will find Trench Field – these grasslands are an important breeding ground for many rare birds.

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As a holidaymaker in Flevoland, certainly do not forget to visit the Urk Village from your holiday homes in Holland, a lively and typical fishing village. Urk is a picturesque village that still gives its guests a typical "island feeling" and has original architecture. It never feels boring and monotonous to roam the narrow streets of the village! On the way you will find surprising vistas, small intimate spaces and ornate house walls with anchors and ships. A local guide can take you on a tour to the most beautiful places in Urk.

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