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Holiday lettings in Sweden - Varberg

Stay by the water - your holiday home in Varberg in Halland

Choose from our range of holiday lettings in Sweden and rent a holiday home in Varberg for an unforgettable holiday on the west coast of Sweden. Experience this fascinating, historical city that is filled with both Swedish history and culture. Already in the Middle Ages, Varberg with its imposing fortress was an important military and economic hub in the north of the province of Halland. For a long time Sweden and Denmark were fighting for reign of this important region. When you choose self-catering accommodation in Varberg with NOVASOL, you will have the perfect starting point for the numerous attractions and experiences that Varberg has to offer. 

holiday lettings in Sweden in Varberg

Varberg in summer

Around Varberg you will find many beautiful beaches and idyllic swimming spots to take advantage of during your stay in our holiday lettings in Sweden. Relax on lovely sandy beaches or explore the impressive cliffs. From snorkelling to windsurfing or kitesurfing, Varberg offers a wealth of water-based activities for you to enjoy. The beautiful natural landscape of Varberg is practically on the doorstep of your holiday home, and the beach promenade extends over more than two kilometres along the lake. The promenade leads past the bathhouse of Kallbadhus, a landmark of Varberg. The bathhouse is open all year round and here you can warm up in the sauna after a swim in the cool sea as is the Swedish tradition. All the while you can enjoy the wonderful view over the strait called "Kattegat" between Sweden and Denmark.

Fishing by the sea from your holiday lettings in Sweden

The nearby sea offers great conditions for anglers, whether you are an experienced fisherman or simply trying your hand. Rent a boat and head out to sea on a calm day or throw off your rod from the coast. Numerous species of fish have their homes here, from garfish to sea trout to various flatfish. If you prefer freshwater then you are also in luck. Around Varberg there are over 100 lakes to choose from which are filled with a variety of fish including perch and pike. On the river Viskan, just north of Varberg, you can fish for wild salmon. Some of our holiday lettings in Sweden including our homes in Varberg also have their own boat and fishing tools. Just remember to always keep up-to-date with the regulations in force on the waters where you want to fish.

Perhaps you are more interested in strolling through the city and experiencing the local Swedish culture? If so, then why not take a stroll to Varberg's market square, Varbergs Torg, one of the largest in Sweden, where markets regularly take place. Discover the many pretty market stalls or browse the shops and stalls around the square, where there is a lot to discover. The gallery Hamnmagasinet at the port of Varberg exhibits regional arts and crafts. 

So much to see in Varberg

There are a number of other attractions within easy reach of your self-catering holiday homes in Varberg. One of our favourites is the Varberg Fortress, which stands on a hill that hundreds of years ago served as a warning beacon for attack. Towards the end of the 13th century, a fortress was built on the same hill, which has been preserved in its original state to this day. The fortress was the scene of many conflicts, the stories of which are told in the museum today. From over the walls, you also have a spectacular view over the sea - from the very same place where people were looking for enemy ships a long time ago.
There are many other historical sites around Varberg: Broåsen's burial ground consists of a large number of stone circles, boat settlements and burial mounds, most dating back to the Iron Age. The Bocksten Moor is also not far, here in 1936 the so-called Bocksten man was found, an Iron Age body with uniquely well-preserved clothing. The Brocksten man is now in the museum in the fortress Varberg set up, along with many exciting information about life and customs of his time and a replica, which shows how the Bocksten man could have looked.
Numerous other highlights await you when you spend your holidays in a holiday home in Varberg. Enjoy the freedom and privacy that your holiday home offers and feel at home even at home. 
Your holiday home in Varberg in the province of Halland
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