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NOVASOL’s holiday cottages in Sweden are perfect for family holidays. Småland is a stunning destination, where you will find countless attractions and sights. Take a trip to the Kingdom of Crystal, an astonishing spectacle to all who behold it. Visit the famous Elk Park or simply watch some of the varied wildlife in their natural setting. If you like the water, why not ride a canoe for the ultimate boating experience? Småland is an especially good place to bring children, with many activities for the little ones.

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Culture and Arts

NOVASOL specialises in family holidays abroad with the beautiful Småland being one of our top destinations. Rent one of our unique cottages for the ultimate Swedish cultural experience. Småland in Southern Sweden is not only rich in beautiful nature - it is also alive with an entrepreneurial spirit that is renowned in all of Sweden. The glass artists of Smaland have influenced the designs of workshops and studios all around Sweden. As Smaland is so renowned for its craftsmanship, it is no surprise that the origins of the world famous furniture store IKEA are found here. You will surely be inspired by the amount of creative Swedish culture found in Småland.

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Nature experience in the Swedish wilderness

Villas with pools are particularly popular holiday lettings in Sweden, especially for nature lovers and those seeking a natural and beautiful retreat. Småland does not disappoint on this front. Beautiful hiking routes and awe-inspiring rivers offering plenty of things to do in Sweden for travellers, young or old. Visit one of the many parks to view the wildlife or witness some spectacular natural sights.

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Activities for Children

Småland is a perfect place for a family holiday and Novasol provide amazing self-catering Sweden for families. In Vimmerby you will find the Astrid Lingren World, where you will be immersed in the famous fairy tales of Astrid Lingren, which are sure to entertain children for hours on end. Step back in time in the ‘Wild West’ Theme Park, an experience for older children in which they can ride the old steam train. Children will be transported to a bygone era as they enter the wild west saloon and meet the cowboys and crooks! Smaland is filled with fun family activity that will keep children entertained.

Self-catering Sweden - adventure in Småland

For adventure holidays with a twist, our holiday lettings in Småland will not disappoint. Visit the Swedish Archipelago, a once in a lifetime experience for nature and animal lovers. In this natural paradise, you will find seals, eagles and a wide variety of fish. Sleek brown seals bask on the sun-baked rocks and eagles hunt on the terrain within view of travellers. If you really want to see some diverse animal life, go on a moose safari in one of the elf parks near your cottages in Sweden, walk among the moose and observe these majestic beast in their natural habitat, the beautiful forest.

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Småland can be considered as a mini Sweden. Holiday lettings here make for great cheap holidays. Engross yourself in the beauty of this place. The beautiful forest and shimmering lakes will mesmerise you. Children will be entertained with the amazing and immersive theme parks as they explore local fairy tales and let their imagination run wild, in the wild west theme park. Even adults will enjoy the theme parks, as they experience a sense of nostalgia. We also have Swedish holiday homes in Lapland, Stockholm and Gotland amongst many other regions of Sweden.

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Phone or call us to enquire about any of our holiday lettings - we will be happy to hear from you and happy to assist you finding apartments in Sweden. We work throughout the year to ensure our customers are placed in suitable villas for whatever type of holiday they require. Destinations do not get much better than Småland. Novasol are experts in finding the perfect holiday homes in Sweden for you, so book now to find one of our amazing offers.


Our unique cottages in Småland are simply the best holiday lettings in the region. We have been renting accommodation in Sweden since 1968 and today we are the world leader for holiday vacations. With all our years of experience we are able to offer the best-known customer service for our customers. We have a local presence in southern Sweden with many centres available to visit. Our customers are always taken care of when they book with us. Use our online booking system to find your perfect holiday cottage in Småland.