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Self-catering on Sylt, Germany

Book a family holiday to Sylt, a popular island holiday destination. The largest of the North Frisian Islands, Sylt is widely rumoured to be a playground for the rich and famous. Whilst it is true that you might spot some famous faces during your trip there, the island is also a very suitable destination for a family holiday on the North sea. Novasol’s holiday homes in Germany are family-friendly and agreebly affordable, meaning you can still have a luxurious holiday that is catered both to your taste and needs. On this glamorous island, you will be able to fully unwind, as you stroll down lengthy beaches, breathing in the fresh sea and feel the spray fly from the cooling blue sea. Who knew a family holiday could be so relaxing?

Villas in Germany

Great fun for Everyone

Bored of your annual Berlin apartments? Sylt has plenty on offer, so there’s no chance of boredom! Novasol’s unique cottages along the North Sea shoreline have stunning views during the spring and summer months. Looking out over the bay you will see sunbathers recline on the beach and sweet sailing boats gliding on gentle waves. Families with young children will feel secure at Kampener Strand, where qualified lifeguards watch over the welfare of visitors. Whilst the little ones makes castles in the sand, parents can take the opportunity to get active; the beach not only has volleyball nets but also has a well-equipped beach gym! With your holiday rental no more than a stone's throw away, there’s no excuse not to give it a go!

Coastal cottages on the island are also well placed for those who want to explore the island’s serene landscapes. After spending a day at the beach, why not visit Lister on the island’s north side? Take an evening picnic to enjoy amongst Lister’s gentle dunes as the sun sets over the nearby mountains - a true delight for the senses. Lister is also great for those looking for dog-friendly holidays, with superb scenic walks!  Novasol can offer pet-friendly cottages, so you can explore the island together with your four-legged friend. Longer walks are best enjoyed during the quieter periods of the off-season, so bear this in mind whilst booking your holiday cottages in Germany.

Holiday homes in Germany

More than a beach holiday

If you can drag yourself away from the seaside, discovering Sylt’s history and rich culture offering is a rewarding experience. Our charming holiday homes in Germany are the ideal starting point for a number of day-excursions. Nature-lovers will love visiting the Morsum cliff, a environmentally protected cliff face that sends over 20 metres tall! Looking out from the clifftop, you’ll see the island’s five lighthouses and can try to spot your own coastal cottage from above.

Sylt’s local museum is a fascinating glimpse into the island’s history. Entering through the museum through the mandible of a fin whale is a spectacular experience quite unlike you will find on many other self-catering holidays in Germany! The local aquariam is also fun to explore, especially with younger children who will enjoy seeing the brightly coloured fish in their tanks. After a memorable day out exploring all the island’s cultural sites, head back to your accommodation for a well-earned dinner! Novasol even offer villas with pools, so you could even have a midnight swim!

For a family holiday with great style and even better cuisine, Sylt is a fantastic choice. German cuisine on the island of Sylt is superb - visit some of the smaller villages where you will find a good selection of shops, bars and restaurants serving fresh seafood. Candelight dining is made even more relaxing by the warmth of the evening during the summer holidays, with golden sunsets bathing the island’s beautiful natural surroundings in their fading light.

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Seasons in Sylt

Whilst Sylt is undescribably beautiful in summer, it is still a very attractive destination in the winter. The fine landscape is accenutated by blankets of snow and icicles glint from tree branches; return to your apartment after a sun-lit winter’s day to enjoy a fine glass of wine by the fireplace. As many of our villas in Germany on the island of Sylt island have a direct view of the sea, you will be able to watch the stormy sea from the warmth of your holiday home.  Cottages with hot tubs or other special features like saunas are also a great idea for this winter getaway!

At Novasol, you will find a large variety of holiday homes that are suitable for you. We offer self-catering holidays to unique villas, coastal cottages or ones more inland on the island of Sylt. Whether you’re looking for a holiday home to cater for a family, thinking of visiting Sylt as a romantic getaway or hoping to catch the waves with a bunch of surfer buddies, you can’t go wrong when you choose to book your holidays in Europe with Novasol. You can even reach the island from our Danish holiday homes on the mainland. Whatever you choose, you can be sure with Novasol that great holidays are guaranteed!