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French gîtes Bonifacio in Corsica

In Corsica, there are seven ports that are visited by large ships and the most impressive of these ports is arguably Bonifacio. Consdier renting your next French holiday homes nearby this southern town in Corsica and you will see there is much to discover. The modern city and its fortress were founded by Count Bonifacio di Lucca from Tuscany and later conquered by Genoa. Enjoy experiencing a wealth of history, beautiful architecture, great food and amazing views. Select from our unique cottages and live like a local in Bonifacio!

Corsica villas with history

Book apartments, villas or gites in France and explore the rich history of Bonifacio. The wealthy city with its strategic position has always been contested throughout its existence, so it is unsurprising that many signs of its tumultuous past are visible today. Visit the Escalier du Roi d'Aragon on the reef, which reflects an attack by the Spanish, who built the stairs to attack the city. Don’t worry if you are renting French holiday homes and have a small interest in history – there is plenty more to do locally. Enjoy the range of restaurants, shops, bars and the hustle and bustle of the harbour in Bonifacio.

Things to do on your summer holidays

The staircase Montée Rastello leads from the port to the upper town with the citadel and the old town. The Citadel is used by the military today. Rent anything from an apartment to a French chateau and you can visit the Bastion de l'Étendard and the Jardin des Vestiges. Stroll through the medieval old town, discovering this practical system of residential buildings, in which the inhabitants could protect against attacks. Go in the Church Saint-Dominique from the 14th century, one of the few Gothic churches of the island. Book gîtes in France and organise a local tour or take yourself around this impressive city.

Caves and villas in Corsica

Bonifacio’s coastal position mean the area has some interesting caves. Situated on a limestone cliff, this place affords marvellous views – book a French chateau and watch the sea from your terrace. Alternatively, from the port you can take boats to the caves of Bonifacio. Particularly interesting is the ‘dragon’s cave’. Whilst at your holiday lettings, you may also be interested in visiting the French Prehistoric Museum of Levie, where the ancient skeleton of a lady is preserved. These remains were found in the Araguina-Sennola cave in Bonifacio, and date settlement of the region back to 6500 BC.