Last Minute Villas in Greece

Greece is one of Europe’s favourite last minute destinations due to its reliably good weather, long holiday season and reputation as one of the most tourist-friendly countries you can visit. That’s not to mention the amazing food and fabulous historical sites! With so much to see and eat in Greece, villa holidays are the best way maximise your flexibility while you are there, enabling you to mould your holiday around your family’s interests. Choose from NOVASOL’s range of villas in Greece, located on the mainland, islands and in Crete, to find the perfect last minute getaway.

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Last minute holidays

For those who like a bit uncertainty running through their lives, spicing up everyday drudgery with unexpected exotic escapes, last minute holidays have become a bit of a ritual. Every year, the “we’ll wait and see” crowd keep an eager eye on flights and accommodation deals to see where their next holiday will take them. With so much choice in hundreds of destinations across Europe, NOVASOL is always on hand to provide high quality holiday lettings, for long-stay and short-break last minute holidays.

Self-catering in Greece

Families have been enjoying villa holiday in Greece for a generation. It has always seemed enticing to escape to a Greek island for a week or three to enjoy a simpler life full of good food, weather and plenty of relaxation. Self-catering with NOVASOL, this dream can easily be made a reality, and you don’t always have to plan it months in advance. The variety of Greece, from the quite mountains of the Peloponnese to the bustling tourist beaches of Crete, can be enjoyed while renting one of our Greek villas, in the spring summer and autumn. Family holidays have never been so easy.

Central Greece villas

Although popular with Athenians who flood out of the capital towards the coast and picturesque towns of central Greece, this area it yet to be take full advantage of by UK holidaymakers. With last minute flights available to Athens all-year-round, this region is always a viable option for unplanned holidays, whenever the urge arises. NOVASOL has a number of Greek villas on the country’s eastern coast, many with magnificent views over the Aegean Sea. From self-catering accommodation, families can enjoy the amazing historical sites of Athens such as the Acropolis, while relaxing by the beach on other days, popping into tavernas for delicious seafood lunches.

Self-catering in the Peloponnese

As you head south from Athens, across the Corinth Canal and towards the mountains and beaches of the Peloponnese, the mercury rises and smell of oregano fills the air. This region is characterised by its beautiful hills and mountains which descend drastically at the coasts down to some of the most delightful fishing villages and tourist resorts in Greece. Villas in the Peloponnese give families a taste of authentic Greece, and are great for visiting historical sites such as Golden Mycenae in the north, and the ruins of Sparta in the south. With energetic towns like Nafplion just a couple of hours drive from Athens, these Greek holiday villas are some of the best for last minute getaways.  

Greek Islands villas

When thinking of Greece, evocative images of the Greek Islands are often the first thing that comes to mind. Some of NOVASOL’s most charming villas in Greece are located on the islands, particularly on the Cyclades which are some of the most beautiful in the Aegean. On Greek villa holidays, particularly on the Greek Islands, some of the most delicious seafood can be enjoyed in local family run tavernas. Octopus caught that morning and grilled to order is just one of the dishes which will get mouths watering, and is a welcome treat after a day of exploring historical sites and walking along nature trails.

Last minute villas in Crete

Crete is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean and has plenty of variety for family holidays. Located far to the south of the Peloponnese, Crete villas bathe in some of the country’s finest weather, particularly in the summer when hot air wafts up from Egypt. When travelling last minute, NOVASOL has plenty of villas in Crete to choose from, whether you want to stay in the west of the island towards Chania, or close by to the central tourist spots of Rethymnon and the capital Heraklion. Picking a villa with a pool will keep kids happy, especially after hot days of exploring Knossos and other historical sites.

Greek food and hospitality

The food of Greece encapsulates everything that is wonderful about Greek culture. Each day, fresh salads, succulent seafood and warming moussakas are prepared across the country in family run restaurants to generations-old recipes. On villa holidays in Greece, families will discover the legendary hospitality of the Greeks – an attitude towards guests which is always welcoming, especially to families. Wander down to your local taverna from villas in Greece and enjoy staple dishes such as tzatziki for starter and lamb chops for main, lathered it scrumptious local olive oil.

When to go

Due to its prominent position in the south-eastern Mediterranean, Greece and its islands are blessed with warm weather for much of the year. This means that visitors can enjoy self-catering holidays in Greece during the long tourist season which runs from March to late October. One of the best times to visit Greece is in the spring when the flowers are at their peak and the temperatures are rising once again. This is also a great time for last minute holidays when you need some sunshine to keep you going until the summer. Alternatively, autumn is always a good time for cheap holidays, and, renting villas in Greece in this period, visitors can enjoy quieter beaches and a sea which is yet to lose its warmth.


NOVSASOL is the largest provider of holiday homes in Europe, with 50,000 homes across 28 countries. Thousands of families travel with NOVASOL every year, relying on our high standards for quality and reliability. All of the holiday lettings in our range of Greek villas and apartments have been hand-selected by our team and visited before being offered to our customers. This allows us to keep our standards high and, along with the detailed house information on our website, helps families to be confident when booking with us.

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