Holidays by the Beach in Spain

Spain’s hot weather, great food and relaxing atmosphere draw tourists back year after year. It is a well-known British tradition, in fact, to book next year’s Spanish holiday while sat by the pool of this year’s Spanish villa. The glorious weather and food of Spain are best enjoyed on the country’s long and dynamic Mediterranean coastline, which is teeming with resorts, beaches and activities. Whenever you arrive on villa holidays in Spain, whether it is August of February, always pack shorts and sun cream for the reliably warm and sunny weather.

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Beach culture on Spain villa holidays

With such good weather, it is unsurprising that Spain has a vibrant beach culture. It also helps that there are hundreds upon hundreds of marvellous sandy beaches which line the Mediterranean coastline. Some of the best beaches are on the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca, but there are many fabulous stretches of sand elsewhere too. Rent villas in Spain anywhere on the coast and you will be within easy reach of beaches and restaurants.

Sunny weather for holiday rentals in Spain

The weather in Spain is fabulous all year round. Catalonia, on the northern Mediterranean coast, has weather similar to that of the south of France, with cooling winds coming from the sea. The further south your villa in Spain, the hotter the weather gets. Rent Spanish apartments in the south of Andalusia for some of the hottest weather in the country with temperatures regularly hitting 35 in the summer. The real glory of the Spanish climate however, is the weather in the off-season. Staying in Marbella apartments in November, visitors can expect comfortable temperatures in the high-teens and lots of sun.

Food on Spanish beach holidays

There is more to Spanish food than just paella and chorizo. Venture towards the coast on villa holidays in Spain and you will find all manner of local seafood dishes to whet the appetite. It’s always worth eating seafood on the Spanish coast, whether it is local octopus or huge prawns. Sitting in a beachside restaurant, the fish on your plate was likely caught that morning or afternoon and could not be any fresher. With so many villas and apartments in Spain having large outdoor terraces, it’s also fun to buy some ingredients from the local market and have a private dinner party with friends back at the villa.

Spain self-catering on the Costa del Sol

Located in the southern Spanish province of Andalusia, the Costa del Sol is busy all-year-round with tourists taking in the gorgeous weather and scenery. Along this famous stretch of coastline sit the resorts of Malaga, Fuengirola, Nerja and Marbella among others. NOVASOL has a fabulous range of apartments in Marbella which entertain guests all year round in parties of all sizes. From Marbella apartments, wander down to the nearby beaches and restaurants which are often only a few hundred metres away – perfect for travellers looking for easy relaxation above all else.

Spain villa holidays on the Costa Blanca

Located in the centre of Spain’s Mediterranean, in the region of Valencia, the Costa Blanca is another very popular stretch of coastline for holidays by the beach. Called the ‘White Coast’ for the abundance of beautiful pale-sand beaches in the region, along this coastline can be found the resorts of Benidorm, Alicante and Torrevieja. Spanish villas in this region are great for families who want an exciting holiday environment with lots of activities for young children. If your family enjoys water sports, this is one of the best destinations in Spain.

Catalonia holiday lettings

Catalonia is an exciting region in the north-east of Spain. The main destination on the coast of Catalonia is the wonderful city of Barcelona; a city famous for its football, local culture and large city beaches. With so much to see and do, Barcelona is one of the best destinations for villa holidays in Spain. Rent apartments in Barcelona with NOVASOL, and explore the history of this city – visiting attractions such as the towering Sagrada Família and the Casa Milà. For beaches, you can’t beat the main city beach which winds its way northward from the harbour.

Villas in Majorca

The biggest of the Balearic Islands, Majorca is a great place for villa holidays in Spain. One of the most scenic and nature-rich places in Spain, the island is home to many species of bird and unique plants that can be seen in its nature parks. The major destination on Majorca is the city of Palma which is well worth a day tip to see the Royal Palace and the Cathedral Sa Seu. However, with such beautiful scenery and warm Mediterranean weather, it can be tempting to spend most of the holiday sat by the pool of you Spanish villa, enjoying the laid back lifestyle which comes with self-catering.

Villas with a pool on self-catering holidays in Spain

Just because you are near the beach, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy having a swimming pool as well. The majority of NOVASOL’s holiday homes in Spain have a pool, whether that be a private pool with a villa or a shared pool with an apartment. Villas with a pool are ideal for relaxed family fun where you can take advantage of the privacy and be as loud or as quiet as you wish. On the other hand, renting an apartment in Spain with a shared pool is a great way to meet other families, sometimes leading to friendships that last a lifetime.

Why choose NOVASOL for villas in Spain?

NOVASOL has a long history of providing excellent self-catered accommodation in Spain. All of NOVASOL’s villas and apartments in Spain are hand-selected by our Spanish team to ensure quality and reliability. One of the best things about renting a villa with NOVASOL is that our price guarantee ensures that we offer the lowest price on all of our villas. This helps to make cheap Spain holidays even cheaper.