Villas in Larnaca, Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean with an area of 9251 square kilometres. It is located in the east, about 75 kilometres south of Turkey. The island is a wonderful place to take a self-catering holiday. Radiant blue water, wild steep coasts and two striking mountains characterise the landscape, drawing in visitors from far and wide. The Mediterranean climate and countless water sports facilities, cultural activities and sights to see ensure the perfect self-catering holiday in Cyprus all year round. In the south-east of the island, Larnaca, a charming harbour town waits for you to discover it.The majority of the visitors to Cyprus get their first impression of the island in Larnaca, because there are often more flights going to Larnaca than Paphos.

Villas in Cyprus

Religious roots of Larnaca

Larnaca is a famous pilgrimage site for both Christians and Muslims. The port town was the alleged second home of Saint Lazarus, who lived here after his resurrection through Christ and became its first bishop. The imposing Lazarus church was built in the 10th century and is a grand example of the Byzantine architecture of Cyprus, making this a wonderful spot to learn about the history of Cyprus in this part of the island. About 5 kilometres from Larnaca, towards the airport, is the Hala Sultan Mosque, the tomb of an aunt of the Prophet Muhammad. The mosque was built by the Turks in 1816 and rises above a palm and cypress oasis on the shores of a salt lake, a popular winter location for flamingos and other migrating birds.

Holiday villas Larnaca

Tradition and history in Larnaca

There are charming villages and many traditional houses in Larnaca, which can be rented for a self-catering holiday in Cyprus. The famous village of Lefkara, with narrow alleyways and stone houses with red tiled roofs, is perhaps the most picturesque of all. It is world famous for its bobbin lace and filigree silverware. According to the legend, Leonardo Da Vinci visited the village and bought an old artifact, which he donated to the Cathedral of Milan. Among the archaeological sites of the eastern Mediterranean is Choirokoitia, one of the best preserved prehistoric settlements of the Mediterranean and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Things to do in Larnaca

The beach promenade Phinikoudes, which is more or less directly in the city, is particularly inviting, where you can enjoy the sea and the sun. Round-the-clock, you can relax in many traditional restaurants and simply enjoy life. Although villas in Paphos may also be attractive for history enthusiasts, other attractions in Larnaca include the Archaeological Museum, the Turkish fort, Agios Lazaros Church and the remains of the Cyclops walls. Historically, the city also impresses with its excavation sites. The Mycenaean temples as well as the Cyclops walls have been excavated by archaeologists since the 19th century and are therefore very worth seeing.

Around the Cypriot dining table

The Cypriot cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine that has been subject to numerous influences throughout history. It uses many spices and herbs, but is not as sharp as the Turkish and Arabic cuisine. Cypriots love their food and a meal often consists of at least twelve different small 'meze' courses, from grilled halloumi cheese, plump olives and fresh salads to lamb chops and luscious meat kebabs.There is also the famous wine of Cyprus, whose roots date back to ancient times. The fertile soils of the island, the mild climate and the sunshine create excellent wines as well as the perfect environment to enjoy them in. Food and family are great passions in this culture, so why not have dinner like the locals and find a traditional taverna where you can enjoy Cypriot hospitality at its finest and taste regional specialties.

Beaches in Larnaca near your Cyprus villas

If you are seeking typical Cyprus villa holidays near stunning beaches for relaxation and watersports, Larnaca is a great place to take your next break abroad. Phinikoudes is Larnaca's main beach and is conveniently located right by the city with a large amount of space, plenty of facilities and car parking.The palm-fringed, beach promenade is a favourite amongst tourists and locals, but it can get busy and favours international chains for all your home comforts. Just a 15 minute walk fromt he town centre is Castella Beach, which is named after Larnaca Castle. Here you can enjoy fine sand, shallow waters and restaurants and cafes to have your lunch. Otherwise try out McKenzie Beach, Meneou Beach and Faros Beach on the Cape of Kiti a few kilometres South of Larnaca.

Excursions to other parts of the island

Larnaca is positioned on the southeast of Cyprus, making it ideal to discover some of the other fantastic places on the island. Rent a car or take a coach, for example in a nothernly direction and you will reach Nicosia in less than an hour. You could even rent a second holiday home there and extend your villa holidays in Cyprus, giving you time to disocver landmarks including Byzantine architecture, Art galleries, historical museums and an impressive bronze monument of the late Archbishop Makarios high up in the Troodos Mountains. Limassol is also under an hours' drive from Larnaca, where you will find a monastery, a castle, a zoo and a fantastic waterpark amongst other wonderful attractions.

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