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Herceg Novi is located at the entrance of the world-famous bay of Kotor in the western part of Montenegro. It has an interesting old town centre, along with some truly beautiful beaches in the area. Discover the beautiful Herceg Novi Riviera whilst staying in our self-catering Montenegro villas. Herceg Novi is located on the northern Adriatic coast of Montenegro and is, so to speak, the "entrance gate" to the dreamy bay of Kotor - one of the most important tourist cities in the country.

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Places to visit from your Montenegro villas

The picturesque beach promenade of Herceg Novi in ​​the bay of Kotor invites you to stroll along its gorgeous coast. From the Kanli Kula fortress of Herceg Novi, you have an ideal view over the bay of Kotor. You will find so many things to do in Montenegro during your stay in our self-catering Montenegro villas and apartments. The Savina Monastery is located just outside the center of Herceg Novi and has three beautiful orthodox churches.

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Things to do in Herceg Novi Montenegro villas

The watch tower 'Kula Sahat' is the gateway to the old town and represents the unofficial landmark of Herceg Novi, Montenegro. The Sveti Jeronima church in the old town of Herceg Novi is decorated with a magnificent wooden altar and precious goldsmith work and a highlight of any stay in one of our Herceg Novi villas in Montenegro. The cheerful architecture of the Archangel Michael church in Herceg Novi shows Romanesque, gothic, Byzantine and even Arabic elements.

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Year-round holidays in Montenegro villas

Foreign visitors don’t just flock to our Montenegro villas and holiday apartments in the summer months, but also throughout the year. The best way to reach Herceg Novi is by car. Bus connections to Herceg Novi are available from all major cities along the Adriatic Sea as well as Podgorica and also from northern Dubrovnik in Croatia. Picturesque Herceg Novi can also be explored vastly by foot. Don’t miss a walk across the beach promenade or a tour of the terraced old town with its beautiful narrow streets.

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Beach promenade Pet Danica

The tourist center of Herceg Novi is the 3 kilometre-long beach promenade called ‘Pet Danica’, which runs along the mostly concrete beach, surrounded by countless hotels, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, so there is no shortage of great spots to shop of simply sit and watch the world go by whilst staying in our self-catering Montenegro villas. The picturesque beach promenade of Herceg Novi in ​​the Bay of Kotor invites you for a stroll enjoying the ambient evening atmosphere.

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Alongside the lovely beaches you will find cafes, pizzerias and ice cream shops as well as restaurants serving typical Montenegrin culinary offerings should you have worked up an appetite whilst strolling around. The area is child-friendly so ideal for those travelling with children to our self-catering Montenegro villas and apartments. Days spent in the Herceg Novi district of Topla are what you would imagine summer beach holidays to be.

Forte Mare

Just behind Topla, the Forte Mare welcomes the guests who want a proper introduction to Herceg Novi. The city was massively expanded under the Turks, but the mighty battlements and cannon ramps remind the people of Austrian rule. For anyone interested in Montenegrin history then Forte Mare is well worth a visit during your stay in our self-catering holiday homes and apartments in Montenegro.

Kanli-Kula Fortress

The so-called ‘bloody fortress’ likely gained its name as a result of the many executions that have taken place over the centuries. An afternoon spent exploring the interior of its imposing walls is interesting for both children and adults alike during your self-catering holidays in your chosen Montenegro villas and apartments. With an ideal view over the bay of Kotor, the military command center and fortress of Herceg Novi is sometimes used a historical backdrop for theater and other cultural performances.

Španjola Fortress

Opposite the Kula fortress, a narrow path leads to the ‘Spanish fortress’, which perches at about 170 metres above sea level, and was built during the two years of Spanish rule in 1539. It can be viewed free of charge and has spectacular panoramic views across the Bay of Kotor - one a attraction definitely not to be missed whilst self-catering in your chosen Montenegro villas and apartments. Why not spend an afternoon exploring the fortress and then enjoying the beautiful view over the bay at sunset.

Manastir Savina

A little further east of the town center at Meljine, the Savina Monastery offers not only a captivating view over the Bay of Kotor, but excellent opportunities to marvel at all the Montenegrin culture this region has to offer. The monastery itself is very beautiful and is filled with artifacts of historical interest.