Holiday lettings Sweden in Abbekås by NOVASOL

A holiday home in Abbekås - the insider tip on the Swedish coast

Do you fancy getting to know the idyllic Baltic Sea, its charming inhabitants and delicious fish? Then you should think about spending your next holiday in one of our range of holiday lettings Sweden in Abbekås. Abbekås is a small community in Skurpus and is popular because of its great location by the sea, making it a great destination for holidays for a variety of different types of holiday makers. Enjoy the great atmosphere and relax for a few days or take a longer break away from the everyday stresses of life. You can also enjoy a host of different sports and leisure activities and make the most out of it whilst staying in one of our holiday lettings Sweden. Our holiday cottages in southern Sweden are the ideal starting point for a holiday according to your ideas. It does not matter whether you arrive alone with your partner or in large groups of 8 people or more, with us you will surely find the right holiday lettings Sweden to suit you

Sweden's nature - a delight for the senses

Your holiday lettings Sweden in Abbekås are surrounded by great nature. First and foremost, the peaceful Baltic Sea influences the feel-good atmosphere around your holiday home, and many of our holiday homes and apartments in the region of Skane have a great view of the beautiful Baltic Sea.  What better way to start a perfect day than with a sea view? Enjoy the sound of the sea and the fresh sea air. Many of our holiday lettings Sweden even welcome one or more dogs so your beloved pet can enjoy the scenery as much as you! Here, it is so easy to relax and feel a million miles away from your daily worries. This wonderful part of Sweden is not only a great destination in the summer months; a trip to Abbekås, the pearl of southern Sweden, is great at any time of year.

A paradise for water sports

Of course, Abbekås is especially popular with water lovers. Especially the beach of Mossbystrand attracts numerous visitors every year. Here you can relax and soak up the sun during the summer months. Since Abbekås is a small community, your holiday lettings Sweden in the area will never be too far from the beach. Many of our holiday homes in Abbekås have their own pool, which you can use should the weather outside not live up to expectations. By the way, Abbekås is not only popular with beach holidaymakers, there are also numerous opportunities for fishing. No wonder, because after all Abbekås is an old fishing village. Whether in the sea, or a river or lake in the hinterland, southern Sweden is known for its healthy fish stocks, idyllic landscapes and the best conditions for fishing fun. You can also go by boat to the best fishing areas and enjoy absolute peace here. In the evening, prepare your catch back in the kitchen of your holiday lettings Sweden.

Attractions in and around Abbekås

The area around your accommodation in Abbekås has much to offer. A popular destination for a day trip is the nearest major city of Ystad. Here you will find a medieval town and many restaurants serving local delicacies of the Swedish cuisine. Another highlight in the immediate vicinity is the castle Svaneholm. The castle skillfully combines an interesting museum with a recommended restaurant. There is no better way to know and love Sweden properly than by choosing your self-catering holiday lettings Sweden from NOVASOL, Europe's leading provider of professionally managed self-catering holiday homes and apartments in Europe.