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Falkenberg is a charming, historic town that offers a variety of recreational activities, with long beaches along the coast, historic buildings and a great shopping area. A holiday home in Falkenberg is the perfect starting point for excursions and activities in the region. Falkenberg offers something for every taste, for all ages, in summer and winter, all year round! So what are you waiting for? Browse our range of Sweden accommodation today and choose the one that is right for you now! 

holiday homes in falkenberg

Summer is an excellent season to rent one of our holiday homes in Falkenberg. 17 kilometers of coastline with more than 13 kilometers of sandy beach invite you to take a dip in the sun and cool off in the sea. Many beach areas are maintained by the community and provide parking and sanitary facilities, while in other locations you will find secluded oases of tranquility amidst a beautiful, virtually untouched landscape. If you want to turn your back on the sea, your holiday home in Falkenberg is an excellent starting point for adventures in nature. Explore the breathtaking landscape that surrounds Falkenberg, on foot, by bike - or maybe even with a kayak? In the heart of Falkenberg is the leisure area Vallarna with a playground, a sports complex and a small zoo.
The river Ätran, which flows through the middle of the city, is not only a picturesque backdrop but also one of Sweden's best fishing grounds for wild salmon. Some of our holiday homes in Falkenberg are well equipped for fishing guests, are located directly on the water, have their own boat and tools for gutting. Remember to keep informed in advance of the applicable regulations for the season and the region in which you rent a holiday home. 
Falkenberg in winter
Falkenberg is also in winter a great holiday destination. The jogging tracks become cross-country trails, and the old town looks splendid in its white robe. If you are in the mood for shopping, you can visit the large department store in Ullared, where you can easily spend a day between boutiques and shop windows. Sit comfortably in the warmth, while the snow rumbles in front of the door of your holiday home in Falkenberg - that is pure peace. 
A historical place
The old town of Falkenberg, in Swedish Gamla Stan, is the old center of the city. Here paved lanes lead between time-honored wooden houses, which have witnessed the course of the last centuries. Visit the medieval church of St. Laurentii, which was built around 1300 and, after a new church was built around 1900, was used as a gymnasium by the nearby school before being restored as a church in the 1920s. Also the local museum of Falkenberg and the Laurentiipark are worth a visit. In the Falkman's House, one of Falkenberg's oldest buildings, you can taste tradition, since since the 18th century, home-made treats have been served at the café, now called Annas Bakgård.
The old Customs Bridge (Tullbron) was built in the middle of the 18th century and is now an unmistakable landmark of Falkenberg. The bridge is considered one of the most beautiful stone bridges in Sweden, a beautiful motif for souvenir photos. 
Domestic activities 
Most holidaymakers visit Falkenberg in the province of Halland because of its proximity to beautiful beaches; But turn your back on the sea for a while and leave your holiday home in the opposite direction, where you can also expect many great destinations. The nature reserve around the lake Fegen, where the provinces of Halland, Småland and Västergötland meet, is particularly popular for canoeing, but also swimmers and fishermen cavort around the lake.
The Morups tånge bird sanctuary is located close to the coast and can be explored on various hiking trails. And if it takes you from here to the sea, then the child-friendly beach of Olofsbo is very close. Also the fishing village Glommen is worth a visit, if you plan a trip from your holiday home in Falkenberg. Every year in June, the Cancer Festival takes place here, with many events, music and market stalls. 
If you would like to explore the region on the bike, then check the tourist information for the cycling map. The dense network of bike paths goes up to Gothenburg and includes many beautiful rides, where you can discover all the diversity of the province of Halland from your holiday home in Falkenberg.
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If you are looking for a holiday home in Falkenberg, then you are in the right place at Novasol. We have a wide range of holiday homes in southern Sweden as well as in the rest of the country. Novasol has been a vacation rental agency since 1968, and our experience provides you with security and confidence when you book your holiday home in Halland Province. Among our holiday homes in Falkenberg you will find both typical Swedish, rustic wooden houses as well as modern detached houses. We warmly welcome you!