Greek Villas with a Pool

Greece is renowned as a family-friendly holiday destination. Everything about this gorgeous country is warm and welcoming from its delightful inhabitants to its scorching weather. Every year, thousands of visitors rent villas in Greece, using the flexibility of self-catering to enjoy the country’s natural, historical and gastronomical offerings. Whether it is villas in Crete, on the islands or on the mainland that you are looking for, NOVASOL has a great range of villas in Greece with a pool for cooling off and relaxing under the sun.

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Fabulous pool weather – no problem with Greek villas

One of the best bits about villa holidays in Greece is the amazing weather. The arid climate gets hotter the further south you go and remains mild all year round. Rent villas in Greece in June and you can expect temperatures in the mid-to-high 20s, only rising in July and August. This makes Greece and its islands an ideal place for pool holidays, especially for families who enjoy a dip in the pool at all hours of the day.

Great value on Greek villa holidays with a pool

You will struggle to find better value in the Mediterranean than in Greece. Apart from on its exclusive islands such a Santorini, Greece has always been very affordable for holidaymakers and a great place for cheap holidays. Great value can be found particularly on mainland Greece, in lesser visited regions such as the beautiful Peloponnese or in the north surrounding Thessaloniki. By saving money renting Greek accommodation with NOVASOL, free up your budget for culinary delights and attractions.

The food of Greece

The Greeks are masters of the sharing plater and of family cooking. Travel down to your local Greek taverna each evening and lunchtime and you will find a menu filled with the delights of Greek cuisine. Favourites will include tzatziki, dolmades, moussaka and much more. Eating out is definitely the thing to do on Greek villa holidays, but a day of alfresco dining back at the villa can also be fun. Why not sit by the pool one night and tuck into fresh prawns from the nearby fishing village, followed by baklava made that morning. Don’t forget to wash everything down with a bottle of local wine, made from the grapevines that line the roadsides.

History and culture on villa holidays in Greece

Few countries in Europe can compete with Greece when it comes to ancient history. The birthplace of democracy and in many ways the cradle of European civilisation, Greece is overflowing with historical sites to visit and enjoy. Families renting with NOVASOL visit historical sites with ease from their Greek villas, and unlike the sometimes guarded hospitality of sites in other countries, Greece’s attractions welcome families and are unpretentious about children having fun. After a long day of site seeing, nothing beats cooling off in the swimming pool before dinner; helping to build the appetite for another evening of feasting.

Greece villa holidays with a pool all-year-round

Because of its warm weather and long tourist season, Greece is a popular holiday destination in off-peak months, especially around the autumn half-term and Easter time. For families looking for cheap holidays, Greece in the autumn half-term is a particular favourite while temperatures are still warm and the sea is yet to lose its heat. Visitors in this period are amazed by the light days and warm evenings for October, especially with Crete villas which enjoy the tail end of hot African weather streams. Not that this will matter a great deal to kids – they will enjoy the pool whatever the weather.

Kids love pools and privacy on villa holidays in Greece

Privacy is very important on family holidays. Sometimes you just don’t want to worry about how much noise you’re making or whether your toddler has wandered out without their swimming kit on again. This is where villas in Greece come in handy, as private swimming pools and garden areas offer plenty of seclusion and safety. Also, never underestimate the pure love children have for a holiday swimming pool. There is nothing that will occupy youngsters more on holiday then bombing and diving into a pool all day, practicing their swimming skills and showing off to mum and dad.

Crete villas with a pool

NOVASOL has a wide range of family villas in Crete, many of which have private pools and large terrace areas. Crete is a wonderful island for family holidays, with plenty of pretty coastal towns such as Agios Nikolaos, as well as the picturesque cities Heraklion, Rethymno and Chania. Much of Crete’s activity is focused on the northern coast of the island, but NOVASOL also has a number of villas on the quieter southern coast, nearby sleepy fishing villages and tranquil hillside towns. Crete is also the hottest place to rent villas in Greece, so no need to pack too many jumpers.

Greek villas with a pool in Peloponnese

The Greek mainland is often neglected by holidaymakers who opt instead for the romantic Islands or the large resorts of Crete. The Greeks take advantage of this lack of demand for mainland destinations, choosing to holiday here instead in the summer months. Athenians flock to the gems of the Peloponnese such as the town of Nafplio and the seaside resort of Tolo, both within a 2 hour drive of Athens. When staying in the capital, rent Athens apartments to best enjoy the city’s attractions and vibrant culture.

NOVASOL Holiday Homes

With over 50 years of experience providing holiday home rentals, NOVASOL is well-equipped to help your family on your search for holiday villas and apartments in Europe. All of NOVASOL’s villas in Greece and across Europe are hand-picked by our European teams to ensure quality and reliability for our customers. Greek villa holidays should be all about adventure, enjoying the food, culture and attractions. Don’t let anything get in the way by going self-catered and enjoying the freedom that Greek villas provide.