Holidays with a Pool in Croatia

When renting accommodation in as beautiful and warm a country as Croatia, it is always worth getting a villa with a pool. NOASOL’s range of Croatian villas is full of homes with fabulous swimming pools, ranging in size and depth. Private pools are perfect for families looking to maximise privacy and relaxation on holiday, allowing kids and parents to cool off in the water without a trip to the busy beaches. They are also great for family fun, leading to some of the fondest holiday memories.

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Kids love swimming pools on Croatian villa holidays

Nobody in the family gets more enjoyment out of a villa’s swimming pool than the kids. Whether it is bombing off diving boards or wrestling on each other’s shoulders, playing in the pool takes up a lot of holiday time for many families. Whatever region you are looking to visit on your next Croatian villa holiday, NOVASOL has plenty of holiday homes with swimming pools to suit your family's needs. Kids will be mightily impressed by our Croatian villas with large pools, so be prepared for more splashing, more laughs and many new memories.

Glorious weather

For much of the year, villas in Croatia bask in the warm sun of the southern-Mediterranean. With a similar climate to central Italy across the Adriatic, the climate of Croatia is hot but not too hot – perfect for poolside fun. Villa holidays in Croatia are hottest in the south near Dubrovnik, where temperatures easily get to 30 degrees in the summer, warming pools up nicely by the time everyone wakes up. Wherever you are based, remember to keep reapplying that sun cream when you are in the water.

Poolside privacy on Croatian villa holidays

One of the best bits about having an exclusive swimming pool with Croatian villas is the privacy it affords families. Sometimes, especially with very young children, it is nice to feel like you are not being overlooked when having a dip or getting changed. Many of NOVASOL’s villas in Croatia are located in gorgeous isolated areas either on the coast or in the countryside, so feel free to let it all out and enjoy yourself. Nobody can tell you off!

Go self-catered in Croatia and holiday on your own schedule

Everybody hates trying to reserve sun loungers at a hotel. After all, what do you do if you want to lounge by the pool after breakfast, or in the afternoon? On a self-catered villa holiday, you can relax in the knowledge that your favourite poolside spot is always available, whatever your schedule. Why not take a trip out in the morning to an amazing nature park, before returning to your Croatian villa in the afternoon to cool off?

Al fresco dining by the pool

NOVASOL’s accommodation in Croatia ticks all the boxes for al fresco dining. Warm weather, delicious food, wonderful scenery – what more could you want? Preparation for an evening of al fresco dining starts off with a visit to the market early in the day to pick out the ingredients. This part is always fun for children who enjoy looking at all the foreign foods and prices. Then it comes to the cooking stage at the villa. Croatia has some amazing dishes, but if in doubt, you can’t go wrong with putting some fresh seafood on the BBQ. The final and best stage is sitting out by the pool enjoying your culinary creations.

Take a trip to the beach

Beach days are always fun on Croatian villa holidays, even if you have a nice pool back at the villa. Croatia has great beaches up and down its coastline, as well as on its many islands. When renting a villa in southern Croatia, there are many picturesque beaches near the city of Makarska as well as outside Dubrovnik. For the best beaches in the whole of the country, rent a Croatian villa on the islands of Hvar, Brac and Vis, off the coast of Central Dalmatia, and visit the famous beaches there. Chief among these is Zlatini Rat Beach with its recognisable golden sand.

History and culture on Croatia villa holidays

Wherever you stay in Croatia, there is bound to be interesting historical sites to visit within a short drive of your villa. Croatia has been part of many different countries over the centuries which makes it somewhat of a mixing pot of cultures. On the coast, visitors explore the Venetian castles and palaces that were built half a millennium ago such as Kamerlengo Castle and the Dukes Palace in the Dalmatian town of Trogir. The centre of this fantastic settlement is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a must-see on villa holidays in Croatia.

Cheap pool holidays

Compared to its neighbour Italy, villa holidays in Croatia are relatively inexpensive, especially for villas with pools. The prices go up in busy tourist areas such Dubrovnik but in much of the country it is easy to keep costs low. Because NOVASOL has such an extensive range of villas in Croatia, with over 10,000 holiday homes, there is plenty of choice for families and competition helps to keep prices down.


All NOVASOL’s villas in Croatia have been inspected for quality and safety before being made available to rent. This helps travellers, who are often visiting Croatia for the first time, to feel confident when booking with NOVASOL. Most of NOVASOL’s Croatian villas are ‘all-inclusive’ meaning that bills, towels, and extra costs are all included in the original price – so no extra charges when you are out there. This helps families to holiday on a budget and not worry about last-minute payments.