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Our villas in Granada offer the perfect Spanish getaway for you and your family. Granada is a popular tourist attraction for international and national tourists alike. You can easily access the town from the central airport. The city centre is accessible by bus or by train. It is in the south of Spain. Additionally, Granada is located in Andalusia. The region is famous for its architecture. Additionally, the region is world-famous for bullfighting, tapas, and flamenco. Our villas in Granada offer immediate access to this amazing region. The climate is warm all year round. This makes the Andalusian region perfect for visiting during all seasons. Read more to find out what Granada has to offer you and your family or partner!

Villas in Granada: Enjoy the Best of Andalusia 

Andalucia, where our villas in Granada are located

Granada is at the base of the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains. The mountains are a National Park and declared as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1986. The town is surrounded by beautiful nature and architecture. Granada was under Islamic rule for more than 700 years. This is why the architecture of the city is so unique.

Our villas in Granada offer quick access to all the best attractions of the town. Our villas are close to the Alhambra. The Alhambra is a palace, castle, town, and summer retreat all in one place. The castle was built during the 1200s and 1300s. It was built for the Nasrids. The Nasrids ruled the Emirate of Granada during the later centuries of the Moorish occupation. After the occupation was ended is became the royal court of the Catholic monarchs. The castle is not a sight to be missed! Make sure you book well in advance to enjoy this amazing historical site.

Also make sure to visit the Generalife Palace. It is a summer palace from the 1100s. The Emirs would spend their holidays in this beautiful area. There are loads of other UNESCO sites to visit. We recommend especially Granada's Arab quarter. This is where the Moorish population lived after the expulsion.

You can also visit the Granada Cathedral. You can enjoy a refreshing drink while visiting. Make sure to also visit Granada's Great Bazaar. During the occupation this was where merchants would sell silks and spices. In modern times they are selling souvenirs. Make sure you visit one of the many tapas restaurants. 

There are so many things to in Granada! You and your family are guaranteed to have an amazing holiday.