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Villas in Frigiliana to rent 

Andalusia is a wonderful choice for a holiday in Spain if you are seeking relaxation, fantastic scenery, authentic cuisine and fascinating culture. If you are wondering where to rent your Spanish villas, perhaps consider going to the beautiful mountain village of Frigiliana in the south of Spain with NOVASOL. This idyllic, whitewashed mountain village provides a great backdrop for an unforgettable holiday either with your family, friends or significant other. Our villas in Frigiliana truly complement their beautiful surroundings, with a wide range of properties available in this remarkably well-preserved village.

Moorish architecture near holiday rentals Spain

Discover winding streets painted bright white, unravelling to reveal incredible old buildings all throughout the village. Rent Spanish villas in Frigiliana and explore these wonderfully preserved architectural highlights and the way the sunlight gleams off the buildings. See the Old Fountain, the Church of San Antonio de Padua and the sparse remains of the 11th century Fortress of Frigiliana, which once occupied 4000 square metres but was destroyed in the Battle of the Peñon de Frigiliana. This is one of Spain’s most beautiful and best preserved villages, which is quite a reason to enjoy cheap holidays here in itself.

Festivities to catch – holiday villas Spain

As with every Spanish town, tradition plays a big part in customs and celebrations. Fiestas are a big expression of culture all over the country and Frigiliana is no exception. Rent your holiday villas Spain to coincide with a major religious or traditional celebration and you won’t regret it! Frigiliana’s patron saint is Saint Sebastian, so you may want to visit our villas in Frigiliana at the end of January, when this day is celebrated. Or perhaps at the annual ‘Ferria’ in June, where locals process down through the town and have a picnic by the river on the special day celebrating Saint Antonio.

Excursions from Frigiliana

Frigiliana, located in the east of Malaga, is just 6 kilometres from Nerja and around 56 kilometres from the centre of Malaga. This means it is just a fifteen minute drive to our coastal cottages in the Nerja area, lovely beaches and seaside resort facilities. From our villas in Frigiliana it is easy to become a natural part of the relaxed everyday life and easy lifestyle of the Spanish. Your holiday home is locally situated and fitted out so that you feel at home, and there is often a swimming pool in the bargain. If you would like to see more of the coast, either drive or take the bus there. You could also investigate our holiday homes in other seaside locations, like apartments Barcelona or villas in Tenerife!