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Evia Island is the closest town to Athens and is one of the islands that is not yet fully discovered but is one of the most interesting Greek islands and also the second largest island in Greece. The island's capital is Halkis, and Evia's island is 180km long. It is believed that this island was part of the mainland but was separated by earthquake from the mainland. The beautiful landscape dominated by the mountainous part of this crystal clear sea and pristine nature will delight you on Evia Island. The island is very close to the mainland. Evia is divided into three parts: northern, central and southern. Each section offers a certain specialty, characteristic landscape, rich vegetation and cultural heritage. Evia Island offers a rich tourist offer as well as many excursions and numerous other activities that will complement your vacation. Evia is an increasingly popular island that attracts more and more tourists every year. It is interesting to see that on the island of Evia grow the forest of chestnut trees.

odmor na otoku Evia

Interesting Island

Evia is an ideal place for those who want to taste the Greek way of life on the island. This island, apart from the beautiful beaches and the crystal clear sea, offers a multitude of activities and opportunities for active holidays. Walking trails, hiking, horse riding, biking and the like will fulfill your desire for activities. Nature lovers will be thrilled with beautiful scenery and scenery. On the island, the winters are mild and the Mediterranean summer, which means sun-bathing. The Northeast wind blows in summer so it makes it easy to stay in the sun. One of the most popular places is also on the island of Edipsos where a large number of tourists come to enjoy the thermal waters. Tinos is a religious center and a lesser known part of the island, but interesting especially to pilgrims, as many believers come here. The church that dominates and is visited by pilgrims is called Panayia Meyalóhari.

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