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Follow in the footsteps of the gods on a legendary holiday in a villa in Greece. Exploring picturesque landscapes, scattered here and there with relics of this ancient civilization, you’ll find yourself truly enchanted during your stay in a quaint Hellenic cottage or villa. With a coastline over 13,000 kilometres and boasting over 6,000 islands, Greece has plenty to offer.  Perfectly situated by sandy beaches and charming bays, our villas to rent in Greece overlook  sailing boats bobbing on the sea in this quintessentially Greek experience.

If not tempted by our villas in Crete or any other Greek island, the mainland also has a huge variety of experiences to offer. From Peloponnesian peninsula in the South, to Athens in the Attica region, from Thrace to the mountainous Macedonia, this Mediterranean paradise truly has something for everyone. We have a range of villas to rent in Greece.

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Discover ancient civilisations

Despite being one of the world’s oldest civilizations, Greece has managed to keep a rustic charm about it, making your holiday feel as if you’ve taken an unforgettable journey in the past. Novasol’s Greek villas embody the true spirit of the Mediterranean  lifestyle  - looking out from the terrace of your holiday home, you will see magnificent ruins, lush green woodland and bright blue skies stretching out over the clear waters of the Ionian and Aegean seas. Venturing out from the comfort of your home, the whisper of the ancients can be felt everywhere in Greece. With an impressive 18 UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage sites, there’s plenty to see and do. Bassae, part of classical Arcadia, was one of the first sites to be added to the UNESCO list  and is well worth a visit.  Alternatively, find out what your future holds by visiting Delphi, the site of the mythical sanctuary of the Oracle.

Highly recommended is a trip to the majestic capital city of Athens, where you can take in the must- see Acropolis and Olympion, ancient theatres and temples, as well as museums, Ottoman monuments and examples of all eras of architecture. There’s plenty to see, so you might want to take advantage of excellent rental deals for apartments in Athens. Our range of Greek villas is situated close to some of the capital’s most interesting historical sites. Unsure where to head first? Why not take in the entire  city at once? We suggest catching the cable car to the heights of Mount Lycabettus where you can sample fine Greek wine as you dine in the heavens.

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Enjoy food and wine from your villas in Greece

It was famously said that ‘Greek wine is the blood of the earth’ - and indeed in this cradle of civilization, the temperature climate and fertile lands are the heart through which wine flows. Lime and volcanic soils, over 300 days of sunshine annually,  and moderate sea winds provide the perfect conditions for bountiful grape harvests; as a result there are over 300 indigenous varieties for you to sample. Many of our holiday villas in Greece are within easy reach of vineyards, so why not attend a wine-tasting or even pick up a few bottles for a relaxing dinner at your self-catering villa?

Looking for something a little stronger? Who can forget the country’s favourite aniseed liqueur, Ouzo! Best experienced in a taverna in the evening, why not challenge the locals in a lively taverna, where you can get down in style to traditional folk music and dancing. The vitality and friendliness of the Greek people is infectious, and they will often be able to advise you on how to make the best of your villa holiday!

Locals are immensely proud of the Greek cuisine, and for good reason! The Mediterranean diet is not only healthy but delicious. The simple but hearty approach to food brings out the flavour of the country’s favourites; fish and seafood from the Aegean, lamb and goat, delectable olive oil, figs and pomegranates. Live like a local by having a meal at a traditional taverna, where you can sample regional specialiaties that are tantalisingly fresh, or visit a bustling market to try your hand at creating your own mezze in your self-catered Greek villa!

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Thrill-seekers and nature-lovers are also fully catered for in Greece. Climbers, trekkers and skiers will rejoice, as mountains cover over 80% of Greece’s landmass, with the outstanding Mount Olympus, home of the gods, being the highest at 2917 metres. There’s also nineteen national parks to visit, many of which have beautiful wildlife that will delight both children and adults. Why not take in the beautiful scenery by foot, by bike or even by boat? 

When you book your holiday accommodation in Greece with Novasol, you’ll find not just extraordinary holiday homes but extraordinary experiences. Many of our properties come with their own private pools, are situated in prime locations and are child friendly - some will even allow you to bring your four-legged friend along! At Novasol, we pride ourselves on creating the exact holiday experience you are seeking, be it cheap holiday in Greece, a luxury romantic break, a family getaway or an unforgettable trip with your best friends. To find out more about holiday villas in Greece or  the Greek Islands, why not contact us today ?